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Looking for meaning in GAF
(09-13-2017, 04:00 PM)
Route C is definitely where things get interesting. I also noticed that the A2 and 9S sections take place during different stretches of time, don't they? A2's sections take place immediately after the white tower appeared, and 9S' sections take place two weeks after the whole thing because he was out cold, right? That would explain why Pascal's village is fine in A2's sections but is destroyed in 9S's sections.

The logged backstory of A2 and Anemone is depressing but not terribly surprising. A2 is starting to show a bit of a heart around Pascal even though she hides it behind being super cold. She's kind of like Lightning, but minus the annoying bits.

It's also interesting how in this route's story, you're basically watching 9S become A2 in terms of personality.

Oh, and the 4O greatsword is fucking ace when fully upgraded. I really like the megaman-style idle charge.

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"I want to buy this game, uhm, Ni.... oh, what was it called again?"
"Yes, we have that game. Here you go."

Nierly there, but still a miss.

A store almost sold me Ninety Nine Nights once when I asked for a copy of 999.