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Originally Posted by Akuun

Got Endings C, D, and E last night. I'm still trying to process what happened.

Did I just literally fight the game, forcibly retconning the story to restart it from scratch, except with all the characters remade and given all the information gained over the course of the game?

I understand the part about fighting the game, but I'm not entirely sure what happened in the very end where the pods rebuilt all the units. Is that a reboot of the game? Or is it a continuation? Or does it even matter, since it seems like the events of the game simply loop in endless war, since the governing bodies of both machine lifeforms and the androids want to continue fighting and advancing?

And where did all those other Pods come from?

It's a continuation. I mean the whole point of the ending is that it might once again devolve into a meaningless fight, but there's meaning in them trying again for a different outcome.

Also it's not retconning the game. The whole situation still happened, but pod 042 managed to salvage the data of 2B, 9S and A2 from the Yorha Database that the pods were created to erase once project yorha was finished, but he didn't want that. He outgrew his programming from his interactions with the androids.