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Originally Posted by MuseManMike

Gestures or swipes for OS-level functionality without having to bring up a menu. Imagine getting a message pop-up and going straight to a reply by swiping your pad.

But can you not do that with the PS button? Get a message pop up, PS button instantly goes to the message. Simple.

Originally Posted by MuseManMike

Pulling the stick to the side with sweat and heat makes it slip right off -- "the sweaty mushroom." If they were to keep it convex, I'd like some extra grip ridging. Maybe make the curve a slight bit flatter. For your concave image, you would grip slightly higher towards the tip of your thumb. That's why the 360 controller has those small rubber things.

Do you have a DS2? I swear the sticks were perfect. DS3 and SIXAXIS always felt looser and more slippier, but DS2 had grip and resistance while essentially looking the same.

Originally Posted by maquiladora

Did a gaffer make this mockup?

Yes, please tweet him scroll L1 and R1 buttons! I wonder what he'd think of that.

Originally Posted by DarҖaoZ

Hey Kairu I hope you don't mind if I modify your design a bit.

Here is my idea of how the DS4 would look with 6 face buttons:

I also added that chromed ring around the Stick, it just looks so swag! lol

The + and - buttons were used by Sony in the controller prototypes, so I think it would be nice to have them back.

I like it, though would probably put those buttons adjacent to the L1/R1 somehow, like I saw on the previous page with the 360 controller