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(07-17-2017, 05:35 PM)
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Originally Posted by shawnbuddy

Just drink water. You don't need flavors.

Yeah I mostly just drink water, maybe I'll put lemon in it once in a while. Sometimes I'll get on a diet soda kick for a few weeks then just stop all together. I remember I once had a friend who never drank water because she didn't like the taste. I'm like how is this a thing? How are you even alive right now?! lol

Originally Posted by SG-17

Artificial sweeteners are just as bad as sugar, if not worse. Go cold turkey to flavored seltzer or plain water.

Thats actually not true, except for maybe splenda(I believe it turns into something bad when you digest it). Aspartame is bad for you in high doses... like drinking 4 liters back to back doses. Sweeteners like stevia are pretty safe, although I think it tastes horrible. I personally like Erythritol since it doesn't do anything in your body and you just pee it out. Going cold turkey is good advice too, but most people can't do that.