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(09-10-2017, 07:54 PM)
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Originally Posted by Raging Spaniard

Not going to defend him but youd be surprised how often this happens in Europe especially in countries with no black people. There is literally no understanding of the context, its just a word you hear in music and movies.

See kids, THIS is how you try to start a separate discussion. Good attempt, but looks like people saw it coming.

Originally Posted by Chille

Lol I've heard people say alot worse when they are frustrated in pvp especially with first person shooters. Though for me I normally just run around screaming shit oh shit as I get shot.

And this is how someone excuses the behavior. If you stick to this thread, you'll see variations of these in EVERY page.

Acting like stuff like this is A-OK is cool, but /pol/ is that way.