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What a freaking idiot. Shit ton of subscribers and he makes good money from playing video games. VIDEO GAMES. I would LOVE to do that. I would never do or say anything to potentially fuck that up. smfh

again, I say: look down

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Does that make it okay? Still normalises its use.

Maybe this was an accident, a slip (but of course, it's indicative of a lot). But with his reach and the reach of his other YT defenders, there's a lot of work toward normalizing behavior that should not be normal. I don't mean this in a tinfoil hat sense like it's a coordinated campaign, but rather all the "well, it's not a big deal, gamers gonna game, gamers gonna shit talk! and also they donate to charity!" that spread from YT to Twitter to everywhere is part of a much larger web.

It is a big deal.