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Did she? I thought she loved him more like as a family member, since she was yearning for that.

I do think that 9S loves 2B romantically, just not sure about 2B tbh.

Yeah, that's a good point - she does mention "like family" specifically in her fight. However, she also skirts away from 9S any time he attempts to flirt with her over comms, which kinda makes me wonder if the feelings were there but she didn't want to get involved, knowing what scanner units are destined to have happen over and over.

9S kinda seems like he has a crush on every other character in the game really, like he's desperate for contact of any form period. I definitely get more of a protective sibling vibe from 2B towards 9S though. Mostly because the conversation between 2B and 6O after her side quest is so much different from anything that happens between 2B and 9S, even in 2B's more open emotional moments with him.

It's genius/heartbreaking how they turn what is originally a fun series of gag moments ("my friends call me nines, so..." "I'm good." and "roger that, nine.....szzzz") into such a gut punch at the end of 2B's story.

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21O's feelings seem to be more maternal. 9S' equivalent of the Desert Rose subquest involves him introducing 210 to the concept of "family", and then at the start of route C/D she suddenly starts treating him like a child in an awkward, seemingly imitative way.

Also, the way 2B strangling 9S was shot was almost comically suggestive.

OH MY GOD, I compleeeetely missed the connection between her sidequest with the "family" discovery and the scene where she treats 9S like a child. Holy shit.