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By the way, less important than the real story meat, but how do folks feel about 2B/9S's relationship vis a vis 2B/6O and 9S/21O? 21O clearly had repressed feelings for 9S and Adam taunts 9S by remarking that it's obvious he's thinking about wanting to bang 2B, but I personally feel like the Adam/Eve and Devola/Popola devoted sibling relationships are meant to be parallels for 2B and 9S.

I feel like 2B and 9S obviously love each other in that manner. Allusions to dates, the obsession with each other's well being, 9S's obvious affection. I think its clearly romantic in nature. Of course this is also my Shinji/Asuka side talking here

Now 21O is more complicated as a one sided thing, but its mostly to drive 9S further on his rage spree

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My mind is blown.

:l now i don't know how to feel...

Of course we don't even know if 2B or 9S are actually still apart of the 'war effort' at this time considering they basically know everything that happens..did they go rogue with A2 i wonder?