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Originally Posted by Mr. Luchador

At present time I'm around 1400 issues into the order, with issues from anywhere between 1969 and 1972 appearing depending on the comic line. The order appears to have gained a little bit of a bloc rhythm. Previously it was an issue of this, an issue of that, maybe a few issue of this one, now it's several issues of Thor, then Fantastic Four, then Hulk, etc. allowing for stories to build up and link together.
I like it, although it does sting when there's a back-to-back run of something like Daredevil (which is still stinking).

I think because it's been 400 issues since the last time I did a thought dump on the run, I'll break my post up in to several smaller ones. That way I won't be text critting the thread, and it gives me a chance to breath!

I've also noticed that as soon as the 70s kicked in Marvel attempted a little more social commentary on the racial situation in America, as well as drug use. After reading some really clean, family issues throughout the 60s it was a bit of a surprise to see Marvel tackle these issues.

Ah Silver Age Marvel. Truly a blessing