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Originally Posted by tryDEATH

The cost difference in parts is minimal between them and a years time doesn't effect the price nearly enough. The consoles as they are are using basically the same parts. The difference is the amount of work MS put into designing and fine tuning the X1X, which is what they are actually charging for.

Just because one company didn't take its time and due diligence doesn't have to negate the efforts of another company, a latter release doesn't automatically equal a superior product thus it is a horrible argument to make. No one put the gun to Sony's head and said to release the console when it did and as other posters have alluded there just didn't seem to be any strategy behind their decision making, which in this case was a bad one.

A lot of the extra $100 is probably the UHD, remove that from the system, what becomes Sony's excuse then? They had the same toys to play with one was just simply smarter.

Yes, it does effect. A lot of the extra 100$ i probably the UHD? You clearly, don't know what you're talking about. UHD drive cost around 10-15$ more then regular BR drive.

Sony aimed for 399, MS aimed for 499. That's a fact and 100$ and year later release are big difference and it can allow to put a more components with higher clocks, FLOPS etc. and some components become cheaper through time, even in a few months.