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Maximus P
(11-12-2017, 10:31 AM)
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Originally Posted by Soldiussnaku

The forum suffered an enormous brain drain, thought a semblance of equilibrium would have been restored by now. we could have avoided open console hw warfare and get back to this place being how it should be, thatís looking like a foregone conclusion now, I mean if this thread is going to be the new level of discussion once can expect, then this place has a very very rocky road ahead of it.

I mean some of the stuff/bait being said in this thread wouldnít have passed back when we had a full strength mod team. Itís a continuous stream of anger and hate aimed at a fucking plastic box.

I think you've been looking at this forum with Rose tinted glasses.

The launch of the ps4 and Xbox one we're a particular highlight for these forums and I saw plenty of posts being aggressive towards people buying the 'inferior console'. So much so that it was really hard to get a a decent conversion going on here about Microsofts consoles without it being shit on for Kinect/$499/anti-consumer, and I very rarely saw posters banned for thread shitting.

There has always been hate and anger on here aimed at the 'plastic box'