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(11-12-2017, 12:48 PM)
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Originally Posted by Bramble

Gotta love all those X-fanboys. Most of them played inferior multiplats for 5 years straight and now all of a sudden they have an insane need to play the sharpest looking multiplat and scream on forums about it. And they need to pay a whopping 500 to do that in the middle of the generation. Well, at least it has better graphics now, when paying more.

Still lacking VR (Skyrim anyone?) and decent exclusives though. Think I'll just stick with my Pro for now.

I had 2 xboxes last gen, 2 ps3's, wii, wii u, and this gen I have a PS4, two Xbox ones and an X. Get your genearlistic bull out of here. I'm predominately an Xbox gamer but get to enjoy games on all consoles.