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Originally Posted by Marrshu

Soul Hackers was always the better game. Persona 2's got a rather unorthodox battle system by MegaTen standards.

Don't get me wrong, I love Persona 2, but I refuse to play it nowadays. If/when I get a Vita, I'll check out the remakes there, they look like they fixed my biggest complaints about the game.

Unorthodox in what way? I don't see how collecting demon cards is any more or less relevant than conversing with and combining demons.

Fixed what? For me, the biggest problem with Persona 2 is the game freeze that can occur upon loading the save menu. Talk about a terrible glitch. But the trade off for the PSP version is the censorship. (no more nazis, in name at least

Originally Posted by Chacranajxy

I remember really hating Persona 1 when I finally got around to playing it on PSP... man. Literally nothing about the game was interesting. That said, I do think that the P2 games aged a lot better.

Soul Hackers is closer to P1, except the dungeon environments are more interesting despite being in the first person. However, as a trade off, monsters are just still images and you can't see anything that's in your party.