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Originally Posted by CLOUDsea

Unorthodox in what way? I don't see how collecting demon cards is any more or less relevant than conversing with and combining demons.

I was actually referring to the turn-based system itself, which is some awkward hybrid of SMT2 and Final Fantasy X. But now that you mention it, I'm not fond of collecting tarot cards either. =P

And the UI is a mess in the original PS1 release.

Originally Posted by CLOUDsea

Soul Hackers is closer to P1, except the dungeon environments are more interesting despite being in the first person. However, as a trade off, monsters are just still images and you can't see anything that's in your party.

Like I said above, I actually think a better comparison would be Strange Journey. Much of the demon art in Strange Journey came from Soul Hackers, and the COMP system is very similar to the Demonica as Aeana noted above.