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Originally Posted by ckohler

Great news about Lupin!

I'll repost this week's podcast because B-Dubs called this in the news segment when we were discussing possible future shows (I'd recommended it in the past also)...

Episode 57 "Twilight Did It Better"
This week Grexeno, B-Dubs, ckohler and Imperial Bishop discuss possible new shows, Rick and Morty cameos, dubbed OPs, toilet training, AoT being better without Erin, Mother's Day, Lucifer's Nen, Space FDR, slugs, and more adorable tanks.


0:01:01 Jack Marathon and New Shows Possibly Coming
0:11:27 Samurai Jack
0:20:55 Dragonball Super
0:31:07 Dragonball Z Kai
0:36:53 Attack on Titan Season 2
0:43:44 Tokyo Ghoul
0:56:48 Hunter x Hunter
1:06:45 Gundam Unicorn
1:08:58 Naruto Shippuden
1:14:12 Ghost in the Shell
1:15:15 Sign Offs

You can subscribe in your podcast app using this address:

Two comments I want to make:

  • Unheard shows are unheard of for a reason - they have a harder time gaining broader interest (irrespective of their quality). For the sake of choosing which shows to broadcast, I think its risky to be a leader rather than a follower here. Not 1990s anymore where Toonami can serve as the first entry point for many anime. It's a good reinforcement vehicle but the internet is the main source on introduction.
  • Why do y'all get so pissy at English endings LOL? The Japaese versions still exist. As long as they aren't English Kai bad I welcome English OP/EDs. Also why do we think the ending is sung by a non-Native English speaker? Seemed ok to me? Y'all sound pretty weeaboo-ish to be honest :P
Overall though, good podcast as usual <3