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Originally Posted by Sibylus

"That man to me seems equal to the gods,
the man who sits opposite you
and close by listens
to your sweet voice

your enticing laughter—
that indeed has stirred up the heart in my breast.
For whenever I look at you even briefly
I can no longer say a single thing,

but my tongue is frozen in silence;
instantly a delicate flame runs beneath my skin;
with my eyes I see nothing;
my ears make a whirring noise.

A cold sweat covers me,
trembling seizes my body,
and I am greener than grass.
Lacking but little of death do I seem."

God I love this poem. I first encountered it in Catullus's translation (where he gets most of the way through and then writes a verse about how he's annoyed with himself for wasting time translating other people's love poetry!) but have been reading Sappho's works just this week; what timing!

Well done Sappho, you got me to post in the LGBT thread for the first time despite having been on GAF for 12 years now...