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(07-17-2017, 06:52 AM)
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Originally Posted by LordKasual

No, that's a fundamental problem with YOU. The game is literally giving you tools to use, and you're refusing to use them simply because you're too lazy to be bothered.

There's no rule that says that you HAVE to learn how to play the game before you fight people. The game doesn't stop're just going to get your ass fired on, by people who actually want to improve, unlike you, who wants to turn the game on and press buttons, and be called good for it.

Name one other competitve genre where you have to spend hours learning the absolute basics in a tutorial before you're capable of feeling like you can do anything at all online? Nobody is saying you need to be able to win right away, but why should I want to improve based on a promise that it'll be fun eventually when there are plenty of games that are fun and understandable right away. I can go into a shooter and while I'll suck at it and get killed way more often than I can kill, I can still understand the basic mechanics nearly immediately and actually derive enjoyment from the game. I don't expect to be the best from the get go, but I shouldn't have to spend hours learning the absolute basics before I can derive any enjoyment from the game whatsoever. I should be able to learn the nuances by playing people, I shouldn't have to spend hours in training mode before fighting other people is even slightly educational