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People should stop referencing data that makes me feel uncomfortable because games get ported to platforms I don't like
(03-19-2017, 01:11 AM)
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Originally Posted by Miles X

Do you have to know all the cards inside out? Like working out resistance, item cards affecking damage/resistance ect. Sometimes I've expected to do a certain amount of damage and I've done less/more and that's with easy look access to all the cards on the board.

You're making the game sound more complicated than it actually is but to answer your question it's the player's responsibility to keep track of all the stuff the Online game does for you.

Damage counters are usually tracked with dices,coin filps can be done with a coin or dice, status effects can be tracked via markers provided by Elite Trainer boxes you buy,if you're unfamiliar with a Pokemon card, Trainer Card or card effect you're opponent used you are allowed to see the card your opponent used (after politely notifying them that you're unfamiliar with it) and if you're unfamiliar with a card ruling than you can either ask for assistance from the more experience players or a Pokemon Professor while playing in a League. If you're playing outside a League thou Google is your best friend regarding card rulings.