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Originally Posted by johnsmith

Ouch, sorry to hear about him getting hurt.

As for a deck I got you fam

Remember, if you played these cards, they are banned from standard format. They (except for VS Seeker) can only be used in expanded.

Originally Posted by Xion_Stellar

Matches can take anywhere between 5 minutes to 20 minutes and I would like to think that if your going to be playing a TCG in person than that person is already inherently patient to begin.

Especially when you go against an EX deck which is basically:
7 Cards in hand
Play bench pokemon, ultra ball, grab Hoopa EX, Play Hoopa to Bench, Grab Shaymin EX and you're 2 EX backups, play Shaymin to Bench, Play all your hand aagain, play N/Sycamore.

For Froakie sake this first turn is pure arse. This Shaymin EX/Hoopa EX combo forces you to be patient.

The new BS you have to sit through now is people and doing everything on turn 1 into Decidueye GX to the point after turn 1, they may even be left with 20 cards.