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(03-22-2017, 05:52 AM)
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So I've been back to collecting for a bit.
Father/son bonding activity.

He got an elite trainer box for christmas and we get boosters every now and then for a reward, a tin every now and then for the fun of it- etc,etc...

So there's this dollar store by where I work downtown- and they have a big box of pokemon cardpacks. For a buck. Looking at them, they're fakes- but they're cheap and could be fun so I snag the whole box.

I open up a few packs and there are some with the 5000 hp nidorans, the ones with the wonky colors, and some that seem pretty close but have the weird foil types and some seem fairly legit...

I come home the other day and to suprise me, my little man has opened and resorted all those cards with all the other cards we had.

The 5000 hp nidorans and the 9000 hp vulpix I can weed out, but some of the others...

Any easy tips on spotting fakes?

A lot seem to have little rock/paper/scissor hand icons on them- those can't be legit, right?

Eesh. What a mess.