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(11-11-2016, 03:23 PM)
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Originally Posted by miladesn

Overall I'd say, warrior and hunter are not touching any of these buffs released so far. Hunter 2 drop is ok though and it could be played as a filler 2 drop in future. The Kodo is just good by itself, it doesn't need buffs. That's what a good card is. If you are playing a mediocre card to go along with another mediocre card to make something good, your deck is mediocre at best. It doesn't work in Hearthstone, you need cards to be good by themselves, more so in a hunter or midrange warrior deck. If you're playing a bad card it needs to be a game ending combo or similar which none of these are. The weapon buff only makes sense in a face deck, no other warrior deck wants to play a 3/3 do nothing card, even if it's good with fool's bane, it's not a good game plan for a deck.

Now paladin cards are better because they impact your entire hand and not a single card you have no control over. Even then the effect isn't worth paying too much for. The 1 mana spell and the 2 drop are the only ones worth considering imo. The rest are junk.

Warrior's Stolen Goods + class-based Taunts will be played if you ask me, because it can be controlled and +3/+3 is nothing to sneeze at.

Pawnbroker also feels like a natural fit for your Fiery Axe, Gorehowl, and maybe even Arcanite Reaper.