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Originally Posted by Dahbomb

Analyzing this mathematically, 2/3 weapon is roughly equivalent to 2 mana in value. Getting a minion in hand buffed by +1/+1 I am going to say is worth a bit less than 1 mana.

If you get two attacks on this weapon then it's still below its cost but at 3 it's a bit above. And just like Piranha Launcher, this accrues value over time not in one turn which means that it's worth less.

So this card accrues value over 3 turns and even then it comes out worse than Piranha Launcher. Granted this comes out one turn earlier but also has less board impact.

If you don't buff this card then it's not good. Any weapon that you need to buff to be good is overall not that good. You can make the case for this in Pirate Warrior but you aren't going to cut War Axe or Arcanite Reaper for it so it becomes an awkward 5th-6th weapon in the deck.

If you look at a buff deck in general I think it holds up better. We need to see the rest of the cards but if there are cards that buff weapons in hand and weapons that buff minions then it stands to reason you will always have something in hand to buff something up. Combine that with cards that discover outside of classes and the concept is interesting to say the least.