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(08-27-2010, 07:50 PM)
StuBurns's Avatar

Originally Posted by thebaroness

Sorry sir, but it is offensive. It implies that she had no talent whatso ever as a creative member of their team. It's direct defamation of her personal character. She always appeared in very modest clothing; she always presented the material professionally. It is no fault of her own that Ubisoft decided to push her into the limelight. If the artist wanted to insult Ubisoft, and they used a faceless/unamed girl engaging in those acts then I see the justification, but she never did anything to warrant attacks on her character.

That wouldn't make any sense. They didn't push an unnamed female on the public, they pushed her, and as far as I can tell she was fully complacent with it.

Here's an example.

Check out the team that made AC1, Jade standing proud in front, leading her staff. To the far left you can see the creative director, a role much more typically framed for the 'leader'. Jade's job was to make sure AC shipped as fine a product as possible, to make sure the team are doing so. I would say she did not do a good job, AC1 is a quite poor game with great vision. Patrice appears to have done his job wonderful, Jade however hasn't. She also produced The Sims Online, possibly EA's lowest point.

She might have worked very hard, but that doesn't mean she worked well. And regardless of her professional performance, the cartoon is mocking Ubisoft, not labeling the woman in the cartoon would not have stopped anyone knowing the implied woman in question, if the ethical debate is naming the person, I might agree, and it's certainly tasteless, but to read it as an attack on her specifically as appose to the institute that put her in that metaphorical position is shortsighted.

The lack of taste in an issue of course, but take a look at what is acceptable to gaming media.

Here is a Penny Arcade comic mocking Steve Jobs, he is shown harvesting a living man. The authors are making fun of man who was dying, and essentially showing him murdering someone. The Raymond comic is bad, it's not funny either, but no way is her performing a blow job even equatable to showing a dying man murdering people.

If the Raymond comic is offensive, the Jobs one should get the authors jailed. But this is what is acceptable to the gaming press at large, this is the PAX people everyone lines up to blow on as frequent a basis as possible.

Maybe if Jade had spent less time charming the press and more time working AC1 might have been a good game.
(08-27-2010, 07:55 PM)
Ikkarus's Avatar
Came in thinking this was about Vagrant Story....

I'll check it out anyways.
Anyone named Ashley Riot is worth a chance. :)

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