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(05-19-2017, 11:00 PM)
demosthenes's Avatar
Loved it then, love it now.
Vigilant Walrus
Junior Member
(05-19-2017, 11:00 PM)
Vigilant Walrus's Avatar
I really liked it. Love the soundtrack for this. The true true!
(05-19-2017, 11:01 PM)
RDreamer's Avatar
It's one of my favorite movies of all time. Absolutely love it
Professional Schmuck
(05-19-2017, 11:01 PM)
PantherLotus's Avatar
It was a flawed but great film which couldn't live up to its ambition. Personally loved it but understand it's not for everyone. The sextet by itself is almost worth the price of admission.
(05-19-2017, 11:02 PM)
bggrthnjsus's Avatar
the book is great, the movie is ehhhhhhh
Turin Turambar
(05-19-2017, 11:02 PM)
Turin Turambar's Avatar
A good movie.
a Master Ninja
for whom the Bell trolls
(05-19-2017, 11:03 PM)
a Master Ninja's Avatar
I feel like the Wachowskis are bad at directing beliveable emotional/dramatic scenes even with good actors. I think much of the first Matrix being kinda sterile/dreamlike works to their strengths.
(05-19-2017, 11:05 PM)
timetokill's Avatar
I'll say this: I definitely wasn't bored during it.

Also I think thought the makeup "controversy" was overblown
(05-19-2017, 11:06 PM)
Didn't follow it but was still entertained.
(05-19-2017, 11:07 PM)
ChemicalCutthroat's Avatar
I never saw it, if it is on Netflix or something I'll give it a watch to see what the hubub is all about.

Honestly my only understanding of the movie is the brief bit of Rick & Morty where Jerry is playing Tom Hank's role..
(05-19-2017, 11:07 PM)
Seductivpancakes's Avatar
Still love it. Best damn tear inducing trailer ever.

Originally Posted by Herr Schwarz

I think the movie was already dead for you if "yellow face" was a problem.

Fucking political correctness gone wrong.

Next post this turd will be like "that man playing as that woman is a symptom of the patriarchal society inside Hollywood"

Back to marvel son.

Lol wut.
(05-19-2017, 11:27 PM)
Osukaa's Avatar
One of my favorite movies of all time. My brother, sister and I saw it in the theaters on opening day then we all went the very next day and saw it again. Its funny cause on the second viewing you notice so much more its truly a masterpiece if you ask me. As far as the whole controversy it didn't bother me one bit. It looked a bit off at time regarding the faces but I admire what it did as far as having each character being played by the same actor. I loved it how each of them were being reincarnated with different lives and it was interesting as to how many of them were being punished for the sins of their past and how some of them just because so evil. Then to have it end on a high note was a great feeling. The music score was perfect and I still listen to it when I need to mellow out and just relax.

Come on Gaf you know I speak the True True
(05-19-2017, 11:30 PM)
I liked it
The Iron Yuppie
(05-19-2017, 11:33 PM)
The Iron Yuppie's Avatar
Soundtrack is amazing, especially the OP's linked selection. Never read the book, really enjoyed the film. The yellow-face stuff is way overblown, in the context of the film and what the Wachowskis were trying to do it was fine except for the fact that most of it just looked bad. Asian Hugo looks like a demon.
Was getting caught part of your plan?
(05-19-2017, 11:58 PM)
MMarston's Avatar
For all my claims of this movie having been phased out of movie conversation, I'm actually surprised that the "true true" phrase has persevered on here lol. Hell, I didn't even remember that specific term at all.
Bish loves my games!
(05-20-2017, 12:10 AM)
jetjevons's Avatar
Really enjoyed it. So ambitious. Definitely muddled and some performances (and make up) better than others but thought provoking and entertaining. And that OST.

From womb to tomb.
(05-20-2017, 12:14 AM)
DemWalls's Avatar
Honestly, I don't really mind the yellowface instances in this movie since the make-up is just terrible across the board. I think "whiteface" Doona Bae is the worst of the bunch.
(05-20-2017, 12:17 AM)
Loona's Avatar
Loved the interconnectedness of it all and how it managed to retain tone in transitions between different settings. One of the greats IMO. I'm yet to read the book though.
(05-20-2017, 12:23 AM)
Pau's Avatar
I didn't finish the book (wasn't too into it) so I never watched the movie.
Mighty Chin
(05-20-2017, 12:29 AM)
I never made it all the way through. So I guess still poorly.
you can't put a price on sparks
(05-20-2017, 12:32 AM)
davepoobond's Avatar
i thought it was a really interesting piece of filmmaking.

Tom Hanks as "crazy man" is the best Tom Hanks
Spider from Mars
tap that thorax
(05-20-2017, 12:35 AM)
Spider from Mars's Avatar
Someone already does

Max Armstrong
(05-20-2017, 12:41 AM)
Max Armstrong's Avatar
It really surprised me. I don't even know why I went to see it in theaters, the reviews were not very good, I never been a fan of the Wachowski's, plus it was almost 3 hours. But I still went god knows why, and maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much, my expectations were at their lowest but from the start I was hooked and couldn't believe it kept being good and by the end I was like holy shit, this was a great film! Super ambitious project, glad I saw it on the big screen.

I've yet to watch it again though, I have it on blu-ray but I never get the urge to rewatch it. I might read the book and watch it after.
(05-20-2017, 12:42 AM)
Merchandise's Avatar
The greatest trailer of all time

Wonderful score

Pretty good movie, not out of this world though.
(05-20-2017, 12:55 AM)

Originally Posted by Abounder

Ambitious yet rubbish.

I think that's the title of the wachowski's biography.
Booker Dewitt
(05-20-2017, 01:10 AM)
Booker Dewitt's Avatar
Wasn't a fan of how every beat of story progression was edited into a montage... that's all it really remember.

Oh, and Tom Hanks poisoning some dude on a boat.
(05-20-2017, 01:19 AM)
TheTylerDurden's Avatar
Saw the premier at the Toronto International Film Festival on my birthday in 2012. I'll never forget it.

Everyone was there - the entire cast, the directors - and a huge throng of film lovers. That's typical of TIFF - most of the people who go are really into movies, so in retrospect it didn't shock me that this was the prime venue for the film to get a ten minute standing ovation.

The film is probably my favourite film of all time "of this type". By this type, I mean that it requires a level of engagement and to some degree patience to really buy into the point, and to wait for the point to come. It takes a good while. Not all of my favourite films are like this. Some films are mindless fun, silly comedies, etc. But this film is very special to me.

Just coincidentally, I watched it for something like the 8th time a week ago.

Obviously it's been a very polarizing film. People seem to think pretty strongly about it, and the standard recommendation is that you need to see it at least twice to truly enjoy the message it has to offer.

My own view is that it is a masterpiece.
(05-20-2017, 01:21 AM)
Setzer's Avatar
Holy crap, its been 5 years already?!!? I need to re-watch this. Has one of my favorite trailers of all-time.
(05-20-2017, 01:24 AM)
TheTylerDurden's Avatar

Originally Posted by Setzer

Holy crap, its been 5 years already?!!? I need to re-watch this. Has one of my favorite trailers of all-time.

Best thing about the trailer other than how amazing and beautiful it is, is that it's super long and yet gives away nothing.
(05-20-2017, 01:29 AM)
Napoleonthechimp's Avatar

Originally Posted by Setzer

Holy crap, its been 5 years already?!!? I need to re-watch this. Has one of my favorite trailers of all-time.

4 years since it was released in the UK.
(05-20-2017, 01:34 AM)
Moonkid's Avatar
Really engrossing and emotionally captivating movie, even if the Sonmi chapter was butchered. The yellow face is inexcusable and I groan every time I see someone say "but they made X into Y" conveniently forgetting that they never used black face.
afternoon delight
Eat shit and die, Ricky!
Eat shit and live, Bill.
(05-20-2017, 01:38 AM)
afternoon delight's Avatar

Originally Posted by Transistor

It was OK

Basically. Appreciated the effort, but too much "eh" to make it spectacular or even really interesting to think about after viewing. Total rental despite the great message.

Originally Posted by a Master Ninja

I feel like the Wachowskis are bad at directing beliveable emotional/dramatic scenes even with good actors. I think much of the first Matrix being kinda sterile/dreamlike works to their strengths.

Definitely a keen observation, agreed. The soap opera is strong with their storytelling affinities.
(05-20-2017, 01:39 AM)
tearsintherain's Avatar
Still pretentious and cringe-y as fuck for the race makeup. I really enjoyed the future korea scenes but not the rest of the movie. I will give props to the Wachowski's for trying something extremely ambitious, but ultimately they failed hard.
(05-20-2017, 01:50 AM)
GunBR's Avatar
Watched the movie for the first time two weeks ago and really liked

But the make up is just terrible. Jim Sturgess didn't looked so bad as korean (IMO) but all the other actors plus Bae Doona as an english girl looked like a cheap made for TV movie
(05-20-2017, 01:54 AM)
mandiller's Avatar
I loved the book but the movie was too different, and I felt, not coherent enough. That's the true true.

*Edit* Oh, the 'extended 5min+' trailer for it is the best trailer ever made. I enjoyed that more than the actual film. It's still the best movie trailer ever.

(05-20-2017, 01:57 AM)
Meier's Avatar
Haven't seen it since the theater but I thought they did a very good job of telling the story which obviously is not a very easy thing to do. Unfairly maligned IMO.
Bay Maximus
(05-20-2017, 02:04 AM)
Bay Maximus's Avatar
I watched it for the first time a few weeks ago and greatly enjoyed it. I know I'll have to watch it again to understand most of it
(05-20-2017, 02:09 AM)
Juice's Avatar
One of my favorite films ever. Still. Great soundtrack too
(05-20-2017, 02:11 AM)
Dice//'s Avatar
Ambitious film and it mostly succeeds. Each story was quite interesting and unique.

Solid flick, give it a watch if you haven't. At the very least worth seeing and judging for yourself.
(05-20-2017, 02:12 AM)
Aurongel's Avatar
I appreciated what it was going for and there are glimpses of genuine Matrix-level brilliance but they just dont pull it off.

Someday this film will be remade or reimagined and someone will get it right. The concept and themes are top of their class.
(05-20-2017, 02:19 AM)
Pretentious movie that sniffs it's own farts with delight.
Fast Forward
(05-20-2017, 02:21 AM)
I stopped watching the movie during the third act, because I stopped caring, and have not had a desire to go back since.

Originally Posted by NewGame

Pretentious movie that sniffs it's own farts with delight.

Well said.
(05-20-2017, 02:27 AM)
SirNinja's Avatar
I had read the novel before watching the film. Thought the Wachowskis and co. were utterly nuts for trying to turn it into a film, but it far exceeded my expectations in the end. It's an excellent movie; it feels like it's way ahead of its time, and I hope it garners more attention in future film studies.

It also has one of the best trailers ever.
(05-20-2017, 02:29 AM)
PeskyToaster's Avatar
The old people escaping from the home is actually one of my favorite movie sequences.
Hero Prinny
(05-20-2017, 02:29 AM)
Hero Prinny's Avatar
I only saw it once on hbo, from what i remember i liked it, it was interesting and weird.
(05-20-2017, 02:33 AM)
MyleMan1010's Avatar
It seems like this is the first time Gaf and I liked the same movie.
(05-20-2017, 02:34 AM)
Phased's Avatar
Loved it.

It's great on a first watch, and even better on a second.
(05-20-2017, 02:36 AM)
M0nochromatic's Avatar
Really fun movie. I wasn't very invested in it's characters, but I liked what it was going for.
Registered for GAF on September 11, 2001.
(05-20-2017, 02:37 AM)
wenis's Avatar
It's still just ok. I rewatched it last year, technically interesting, but otherwise boring.
(05-20-2017, 02:38 AM)
I don't enjoy the movie too much. I thought the format was a significant step back from how it was told in the novel (large chunks per time period vs interspersed everywhere)

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