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(10-28-2017, 07:23 PM)
If people want to have a discussion in a non-discord setting, most of us will be in the other place.
(10-29-2017, 07:28 AM)
iHaunter's Avatar
Interesting post from Sean.

Looks like it's technically possible to fill the entire city with interior, I do agree it'll be pointless. Spend months aimlessly exploring cities with NPCs with not much to do.

(10-29-2017, 03:41 PM)
Pomerlaw's Avatar
Arccorp blew my mind.
(10-30-2017, 03:33 PM)
Peterc's Avatar
I believe this game could be the game we as core gamers are waiting on.

Exploring big worlds and you can go from planet to planet(or ship in space) in realtime is mind blowing.

This just looks amazing:

I hope MS will rethink their xbox brand and make the next xbox with more PC like games to survive.

I'm sure i'll keep playing this game for a long time.
(10-31-2017, 09:39 AM)
Starbuck2907's Avatar

Originally Posted by Zalusithix

As explained elsewhere, the action wasn't taken purely because of the state of NeoGAF. That simply acted as an impetus to put what we'd previously been discussing into action. Members of the org - the most active ones at least - were becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the state of SC discussion on GAF. (There's a reason 90% of the SC conversation happened in the Discord server.) As such, the [NEOGAF] org SID didn't really feel like it was representing us anymore. We might have all come from GAF over the years, but the bonds that had formed as a group had transcended that origin. A new org would allow us to have an identity of our own.

Beyond that, a large number of org members were effectively in hibernation - having not seen a login for over a year. By moving to a new org we were capable of purging the people that were members in name only and get a better feel for the real size of the org. Those that don't respond to the transfer were either against it ideologically or weren't following SC at all anymore and likely won't be back any time soon. In both cases, it works in our favor. Interest in the game and unity within the org are more important than some inflated member size.

Meanwhile the decision to purge the org of all members rather than rely totally on invites was dual purposed. Some people have new invites blocked, and there's no way with the limited org tools to communicate to the org members at large announcement style. A Spectrum post is about as close as it gets, and that's useless for those that haven't logged in. Being expelled notifies a member no matter what. Beyond that, it's simply not the org that many joined anymore. The most active members are gone including all the ones that were doing management. There'd be tons of people with zero leadership. The vast majority of the larger org-related ships also went with the core group. While there's certainly nothing wrong with an org starting out with mostly starter packages and organically climbing there way up, members could have very well joined knowing we had the fleet infrastructure to hit the ground running. Once we left, that simply wasn't the case. You and Mylene would have been the only ones remaining with larger ships, and Mylene has been MIA for what feels like ages.

So yeah, you're more than welcome to take the org over if you want to rebuild it from scratch. The only reason we didn't outright dissolve it was to prevent the SID from being hijacked by other communities with a longstanding hatred of GAF.

Iíve got my invite to the new one. Will join soon probably. Thanks for the info.

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