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(03-17-2010, 11:35 PM)
HeadsUpSevenUp's Avatar
I'd like to watch exactly ONE episode of Doctor Who for each different Doctor. Which episodes should I watch?
(03-17-2010, 11:47 PM)
ClivePwned's Avatar
1 episode or 1 story? Best eps are usually in the best stories

1st Doctor- An Unearthly Child (ep1) or (The Daleks full story)
2nd Doctor- Evil of the Daleks (any, though only ep 2 survives) or Tomb of the Cybermen
3rd Doctor- Planet of the Spiders ep 6, full story probably spearhead from Space)
4th Doctor- Talons of Weng Chiang (any)
5th Doctor- Caves of Androzani ep 3
6th Doctor- Revelation of the Daleks 1
7th Doctor- Remembrance of the Daleks 4
8th Doctor- take your pick
9th Doctor- The Doctor Dances
10th Doctor- hmmmm Shakespeare Code
(03-17-2010, 11:50 PM)
I'm just picking ones available on DVD:

1) The Daleks
2) Tomb of the Cybermen
3) Inferno
4) The Robots of Death
5) Caves of Androzani
6) Vengeance on Varos
7) The Curse of Fenric
8) TV Movie (only choice here)
9) The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances
10) Human Nature / The Family of Blood
(03-17-2010, 11:54 PM)
Patryn's Avatar
Haven't seen a lot of the earliest Doctors, so starting from the fourth:

4.)Talons of Weng Chiang
5.)Caves of Androzani
6.)Hmmm....don't really have a choice, so I'll go Revelation of the Daleks
7.)Curse of Fenric
9.)Single episode: Dalek, two-parter: Empty Child/Doctor Dances
Mama Robotnik
(03-18-2010, 01:24 AM)
Mama Robotnik's Avatar
Disclaimer: I count the Big Finish audioplays as episodes, as per BBC Policy that canon-is-what-you-make-it.

1) The Tenth Planet

I've read the script of the episode, and seen the surviving scenes accompanied by full audio. The Cybermen are the most horrifying villain in the early series, their sing-song voices, patchwork self-mutilation and cold ruthlessness make them a fitting enemy for The Doctor's final outing. The mystery of the regeneration give the episode a magical, ethereal touch.

(Runner Up : The Dalek Invasion of Earth - Well paced, action-packed, and a brilliant surprising ending)

2) The Power of the Daleks

Reading the script and listening to the audio, I think this is the best Dalek story ever told. Troughton's first appearance sees him trying to regain the trust of his companions, while fighting the manipulative machinations of three unarmed Daleks. The Daleks themselves have never been so efficient, cunning and ruthless, playing the humans against each other, stealing resources and covertly building an army. Troughton is fantastic, the story is interesting, and the Daleks are blood-hungry bastards.

(Runner Up: The War Games - Yes, its overly long, but the last three episodes are masterful. Troughton's speech to the Time Lords, justifying his existence is some of the best acting in the entire 40+ years).

3) Death to the Daleks

I really like this episode. The Doctor and the Daleks, trapped on a mysterious world where their advanced technology is inoperable, are forced to rely on each other to survive. The developing mystery of the planet's inhabitants, and the navigation of the ancient temple that dampens electricity, is a fun adventure.

(Runner Up: Terror of the Autons - The Master at his best, some brilliant interplay between Pertwee and Delgado and a great story)

4) Genesis of the Daleks.

Another Dalek choice, and a cliche at that, but I don't care. This is one of my favourite Doctor Who productions. It still holds up well, the Thals and Kaleds eternal war is realised well through allusion, dialogue and attitude. Most of the characters are interesting (Davros is fucking marvellous), and the writing produces some really powerful scenes.


(Runner Up: Pyramids of Mars. A great story with an incredible villain. There's a great tension in this show, as The Doctor meets his Devil. Flawless.)

5) Spare Parts

The prequel to "The Tenth Planet", and the genesis of the Cybermen. This is one of the greatest Doctor Who story ever, being incredibly intellgent, supremely acted, and chilling to the bone. The story of Mondas, and its witty, religious, flawed, charming, hopeful and desperate people is the most tragic tale of the Whoniverse. Everyone brings their A-game to this.

(Runner Up: Omega - The best plot twist in the series, had me fucking floored. Redeems the tragic Omege an brilliant, brilliant ways)

6) Arrangements for War

My favourite Doctor and my favourite companion, on a world in the middle of a simple war. A beautiful story, in which The Doctor fights war and peace to unite two lovers, with an ending that left me catatonic with shock. The Doctor's rage at the end, his fury against fate, is the most emotional moment in the series.

(Runners Up: Too many to choose from! The Holy Terror starts off as darkly witty and finishes as darkly horrific; Jubilee is a brilliant contrast, the mania of an overpowered and deranged British Empire, juxtaposed with a lone Dalek's gradual quiet understanding of sentience (and thus madness); The One Doctor - a genuine, laugh-out-loud comedy.

Okay, if I have to pick one: Davros - the story of two "men of destiny". Davros and The Doctor working together, with the former genuinely exploring redemption, and the latter shooting it down. The flashbacks to Skaro and the hellish war that bore the evil, suffering genius, are a brilliant contrast to the priveledged, fortunate Time Lord.)

7) LIVE-34

An experimental story, in which a planet's repression by a brutal dictator, its rebellion and defiance, are told through a series of scenes from a radio news/talk show. The Doctor's appearances, in the media interviews, undercover investigations, news broadcasts, are incredibly effective and real. You get a real insight into how much of a cunning bastard The Doctor can be in this story.

(Runner Up - Master - The Doctor makes a deal with the Devil, and the Master is stripped of his identity. An amazing character piece, in which the Seventh Doctor tries to redeem his oldest friend)

8) The Natural History of Fear

The darkest, most pyschologically haunting episode of Doctor Who. Its very difficult to describe, but we hear familar voices playing out different roles and characters in a repressive city that tells its inhabitants what to think, feel, say and love. Throughout these many characters, The Doctor and his Companions begin to slowly assert pieces of their broken selves. Don't expect to understand it fully first time round.

(Runner up - Storm Warning - Our reintroduction to the Eight Doctor after the TV movie, and a fun action-adventure. Worth listening to as it massively pisses all over the movie, of which it comes straight after).

9) The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances

Creepy, clever, fun, fan-fucking-tastic! Every moment is interesting, every scene is gold.

(Runner up - Dalek - The vengeful Doctor and his lonely enemy. We get some great Dalek-action and scenes that define the hurt post-war Doctor)

10. Girl in the Fireplace

One of the most imaginative ideas ever, perfectly realised. This episode is flawless.

(Runner up - either Human Nature/Family of Blood or Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead. Both are fucking amazing.)
Dr Zhivago
(03-18-2010, 02:15 PM)
Dr Zhivago's Avatar
1) Dalek Invasion of Earth
2) The Invasion
3) The Sea Devils
4) City of Death
5) Earthshock
6) Err...
7) Battlefield
8) N/A
9) Dalek
10) Blink
11) Return of the Myrka
(03-18-2010, 02:23 PM)
Raydeen's Avatar
First two Doctors are tough, because the best ones don't exist and I wasn't born. But from what I've personally seen.

1. Dalek Invasion of Earth. First Dalek appearence in episode one FTW!
2. Can't comment on Troughton - he got obliterated the most in the BBC purge of old tapes. :( But Tomb of the Cybermen rocks!
3. Spearhead from Space - shot on 35mm throughout. And Autons! (shame RTD totally screwed them up in Rose).
4. Damn. How can you have a favourite Tom - they are all awesome. So I'll give you my top THREE Tom Baker episodes! 1. Talons of Wing Chiang. 2. Logopolis. 3. Destiny of the Daleks (look it's my guilty pleasure!).
5. Earthshock
6. Revelation of the Daleks
7. Curse of Fenric - one of the greatest episodes of Who...in the shittest era of Who.
8. OK audios....as noted above. Natural History of Fear - what a great revelation at th end - I've love to see Moffat try and crack this on screen for Smith.
9. Dalek
10. The Girl in the Fireplace / Blink - co-existing in a temporaral alternating flux!
11. The Sutekh Masterplan. :D
(09-27-2010, 11:01 AM)
HeadsUpSevenUp's Avatar
Hey thanks you guys! Here's what I ended up watching:

1st Doctor: Unearthly Child
4th Doctor: City of Death
5th Doctor: The Five Doctors
8th Doctor: Doctor Who - The Movie
9th Doctor: Dalek
10th Doctor: Waters of Mars, Utopia/Sound of Drums, End of Time
11th Doctor: Eleventh Hour, Beast Below
napkin dispenser
(09-27-2010, 11:07 AM)
isny's Avatar

Originally Posted by Raydeen

8. OK audios....as noted above. Natural History of Fear - what a great revelation at th end - I've love to see Moffat try and crack this on screen for Smith.

Lots of great audio stories from McGann (Eight). I'd suggest watching the TV Movie first though, otherwise it will be a let down after listening to a few of his audio adventures. (As he is really at his best in them)

In regards to 9, The Empty Child is one of the best episodes of new who. (Besides the sonic screwdriver barbed wire setting, ignore that) The opener is one that shouldn't be missed. (Rose)

All of the Ten episodes mentioned are great, but I think Voyage of the Damned and The Two Doctors are also ones that shouldn't be missed. (Both Christmas specials)

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