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Ask me about the GAF Notebook
(10-09-2013, 04:05 AM)
Vanillalite's Avatar
Google Play Music Mexico Linkage

PS: Sorry Canada still left out for now.
(10-09-2013, 04:06 AM)
Crateman's Avatar
YES!! Testing it now!

EDIT: It seems it hasn't gone live ATM. When I try to enrol I get the "This is not yet available on your territory". Will try tomorrow.
(10-09-2013, 04:07 AM)
RM8's Avatar
About time. I love Android/Google but the region locking is pretty insane :(

EDIT: Wait. WTF.

"El reproductor de música de Google Play está disponible actualmente en determinados territorios."

I'm in Mexico, I swear :(

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