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  1. MadPanda

    Nintendo Confirms That Splatoon 3's Shiver Identifies As Female

    So virtual non existent character identifies as something? What's wrong with this world?
  2. Fahdis

    If you die in this VR game, it will kill you in real life

    News Platform 
    ...of society on Deathrow and give them a Gladiator style of death while science could study the impact of real fear and survival in a virtual world. The one who wins earns their freedom. Exploding brains are a bit too much though. More like injections wired into your system. Or those on life...
  3. 8BiTw0LF

    When will western devs realize that femininity sells?

    Opinion Poll Business 
    Some dudes are detached from the real world - that's why they connect so well with the virtual world. They have a hard time resonating with how their virtual world has begun reminding them of the real world. Next up is scripted dialog vs. artificial intelligence dialog. AI will try to mimic...
  4. ReBurn

    Gurman: Apple is building a metaverse-like world and 3D video service for its VR headset. Costs between $2000-$3000. M2-chip 10 cameras.

    I hope Tim Apple makes a better app than The Zuck. I went into Meta's app and it sucked. It felt like Second Life except somehow emptier. There were a couple of interesting venues with music and comedy so I think the idea of a virtual world has potential. Hopefully someone can unlock it.
  5. John Wick

    Actor who will be in the Borderlands movie reveals that he broke up with his girlfriend so he could play Starfield all day

    News Cringe 
    This is a prime example of why gamers have such a low reputation in the world. He probably still lives in his moms basement. I bet he prefers virtual sex to real sex? Sad and pathetic.
  6. Bernd Lauert

    Ultra Realistic Forest Biome - Unreal Engine 5 - RTX 3090 (tech demo)

    Nvidia is on it: https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2022/09/23/3d-generative-ai-research-virtual-worlds/ Give it a couple more years and it's gonna be able to generate photorealistic objects.
  7. kingfey

    A Meta prototype lets you build virtual worlds by describing them (The matrix is here)

    Opinion News 
    ...Meta is testing an artificial intelligence system that lets people build parts of virtual worlds by describing them, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed off a prototype at a live event today. Proof of the concept, called Builder Bot, could eventually draw more people into Meta’s Horizon...
  8. EverydayBeast

    Do you think PSVR2 will catapult VR into the mainstream?

    PSVR was the bible in the virtual reality world, the games I told you are the gap between PSVR and the second best virtual reality headset and for some reason microsoft or nintendo fanboys don't want to hear about VR hmmm I have no problem with resident evil 7 vr, firewall etc. psvr has had a...
  9. SmokedMeat

    When do you think we will see another mind blowing next-gen game?

    VR will bring it. I don’t see anything left to do on standard hardware that would be mind blowing. Graphics are already amazing, but there’s nothing left to do. It’s going to be a higher level of interaction in a more detailed virtual world that will be mind blowing.
  10. IbizaPocholo

    Gamedec - Official Nintendo Switch Release Date Trailer

    Trailer Platform 
  11. Ownage

    Has ResetEra Taken Over Reddit?

    Idea: let them have their virtual playground, and leave the real world to mentally stable and balanced adults.
  12. HerjansEagleFeeder

    Ubisoft Responds to Criticisms of Games Being Too Big

    Opinion Game Dev 
    Does that mean that even if they made their virtual worlds smaller, the games would still be shit?
  13. Ghost of Caelid

    Will the metaverse replace social media? Will it be better or worse?

    I'm excited for the Metaverse when it fleshes it self out...its cool to have virtual spaces with graphics instead of our current social media spaces. I hate that its mostly tied in with capitalistic driven growth like everything in the world, but the concept itself is cool.
  14. E

    LTTP: Mario Odyssey is the worst 3D Mario

    Opinion Analysis 
    its better than Mario 64 or Sunshine and probably 3D world. I would only put Galaxy above it. And thats a maybe. Galaxy's worlds were tiny as hell. And the moons are harder to find or figure out than the stars. i never played galaxy 2. Also i didn't play Mario 64 when it came out. I played it...
  15. kittoo

    Jaw Dropping Moments in Gaming

    Half life alyx- literally the start. When I looked at the world in virtual reality (its my first VR game) and felt myself there physically. I actually started walking towards things and as the safety virtual wall kicked in to remind me I was actually in my room, I started giggling like a kid...
  16. winjer

    RTX 4000 could release in July or August

  17. Captain Toad

    Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Calls For Cross-Platform Ban Program

    Cancel culture for the real world. Ban culture for the virtual world.
  18. Elder Legend

    Unreal Engine 5.1 Update Out Now

    Huge deal for consoles - 60 FPS for lumen/nanite for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Patch notes Unreal Engine 5.1 Released The latest version of Unreal Engine 5 is ready to download on the Epic Games Launcher and GitHub! This release builds on the foundation of 5.0 with many improvements and quality...
  19. Sosokrates

    Was Microsoft right to drop it's VR plans for Xbox in hindsight?

    ...your real lofe body and the virtual body are both on sync, I think with something like that made by a great developer would greatly help VR, because movement in VR is problematic still having the virtual world and the physical world be 1.1 should feel like your just walking around in a real...
  20. U

    Pentiment - Reviews Thread

    If the progression is based on your interactions in a virtual world i don't see why you're denying it's played. I get it's not the most complex kind of experience in programming or game design. But when we stumble on the world of interactive art you cannot have a conception that's as rigid...
  21. Buggy Loop

    Ultra Realistic Forest Biome - Unreal Engine 5 - RTX 3090 (tech demo)

    That’s for objects, which is neat. What if we could create the 3D world from 2D photos? Here’s what amateurs did with instant Nerf : A couple more years of AI refining and we’ll be somewhere else in world building with AI assists
  22. M

    Does anyone actually know what THE METAVERSE actually is?

    ...imaginary) of platforms that deal with virtual goods(stuff that doesnt phisically exist) these examples are all part of the "metaverse" minecraft: create,share,buy virtual worlds/items. vr: take part in a virtual environment crypto: buy/sell virtual currency nft: buy/sell/create virtual assets
  23. Xenon

    Argument over Diablo loot ends in fatal shooting

    Virtual world problems.
  24. RoboFu

    Wave Race 64 has aged like fine wine

    ...game lied to me all those years ago. 😡. This game along with pilot wings 64 was a hint at what.. then.. new 3D gaming would be. Games with wonderful virtual worlds filled with fun physics simulation gameplay. Little did I know that we wouldn’t really continue that until many many years...
  25. IbizaPocholo

    FIFA first post-EA games will be blockchain titles

    ...let players collect “official FIFA World Cup digital assets, including legendary video highlights of the tournament”, and travel to a virtual World Cup Lusail Stadium and Village to shop for digital items. The third, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 on Phygtl, is a collaboration with “fan...
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