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  1. IbizaPocholo

    Splinter Cell Remake Job Listing Reveals The Original Game’s Story Is Being Rewritten For Modern Audiences

    ...A job listing for a scriptwriter on the upcoming Splinter Cell Remake at Ubisoft has indicated the development team are revamping the story for modern audiences. Here’s a description of the job:
  2. JayK47

    Resident Evil 4 Review thread

    Sounds like they updated it for "modern audiences". Yuck.
  3. TGO

    MGS Producer Noriaki Okamura says: ''2023 will be a year of many Announcements! Including ''LONG-AWAITED TITLE''

    Opinion Game Dev 
    The one problem with a Remake is the fear of what they'll "update for modern audiences"
  4. T

    Resident Evil has such a bad and outdated feature it doesn't fly anymore in present day and Capcom should really stop it already

    Let me guess, you'd rather they sell the costumes as mtx for the modern audience and not have rewards for completing the game. Wait they are mtx?
  5. Fuz

    Duke Nukem: Reloaded Leaked

    This could be huge if they don't "adapt for modern audiences" it.
  6. SaiyanRaoh

    Wanted: Dead |OT| Ex-Team Ninja Gun Fu

    So, is this game a case of not catering to a "modern audience" with reviewers? Gamers I watched seem to enjoy the game.
  7. Rush2112

    [IGN] Dead Space Remake: The Final Preview

    News Hype 
    They made the protagonist's GF look like ass on purpose to appeal to the "modern audience."
  8. Rhazer Fusion

    Rumor: New Twisted Metal Details Massive Change For Franchise

    Massive changes? Uh oh. Modern audiences incoming. Hopefully, the game will be good. Could be really interesting.
  9. L

    What can Resident Evil 4 Remake do to surpass the original?

    I just hope they don't tone the game down for the "modern audiences".
  10. 48086

    Preorder Dead Space Remake On Steam, Get Dead Space 2 For Free

    News Platform 
    I was going to buy it but I'm not a "modern audience" so guess I'll pass.
  11. I Master l

    James Gunn on Superman: "the character will not be played by Henry Cavill"

    I guess Henry Cavill is too masculine for modern audience
  12. Astral Dog

    Resident Evil 4 Review thread

    Now that you mention it, they made Salazar look more Trans on this version
  13. DeepEnigma

    Rockstar are preparing to release GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition on Steam and EGS.

    "Definitive" is such a lie with all the removal of things for "modern audiences."
  14. spookyfish

    Dead Or Alive May Be Getting Rebooted

    Opinion Game Dev 
    It’ll be a “re-imagining” for “modern audiences.”
  15. StylishMGTOW

    Dead Space Remake - Are you buying at launch?

    I'll just stick with my PS3 copy. I don't like the changes they made for "modern audiences".
  16. Darkmakaimura

    Historical Figures In Movies (Idea)

    You are spot on as well as others here who have mentioned about accuracy. I'm okay with taking liberties but it sucks when it has to try to appeal to modern audiences because we all know what that means.
  17. L

    Legacy of Kain: Crystal Dynamics says it ‘hears fans loud and clear’ after ‘100k+’ survey responses

    Shit, you know they will be like this. Modern Audience! HAHA
  18. R

    Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny | Official Trailer

    Is this another franchise that brought in Phoebe Waller Bridge to "update it for modern audiences"?
  19. Saber

    Silent Hill 2 Remake Will “Faithfully Stick To The Traditional Story Canon”; Certain Areas Will Be Adjusted

    News Game Dev 
    Just please don't go changing the characters or their lines to fit the "modern audience". Or else I will stick with the originals.
  20. DeepEnigma

    Netflix is trying to revive Narnia

    Oh god, more shit for them to bastardize for "modern audiences."
  21. Azurro

    HBO Original | The Last of Us - Review Thread

    So, sounds like the show is contaminated by the same "let's make changes for the modern audience" symptoms? I take it it will be as trash as TLOU2?
  22. KiteGr

    Lollipop Chainsaw remake's Juliet Starling revealed

    Looks like a joke post, even if it's done by the devs. A way to say: "NOT tweaked for modern audiences."
  23. D

    Roald Dahl Books Rewritten to Remove Language Deemed Offensive

    Wasnt there a case where Dr Seuss books were being banned due to problematic content? I'd expect more books and old media to be censored, or remade for modern audiences.
  24. fatmarco

    Historical Figures In Movies (Idea)

    ...but there simply isn't any and there likely cannot be any. Every single piece of historical fiction today is designed to speak to modern audiences and to speak to modern issues as there's fundamentally a deep current of contemporary narcissism that runs through every person in Hollywood and...
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