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‘Resident Evil’ Movie Reboot: Kaya Scodelario, Robbie Amell, Hannah John-Kamen, Neal McDonough & More To Star In Origin Story Adaptation


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Casting Green Arrow’s less talented cousin is truly a mark of quality.

This will be an excellent double feature with the Uncharted movie in the future, when I really fancy an evening of watching excrement.


Well it's been almost 20 years since the first Resident Evil film, and 5 more live action films since then, but we're finally getting an actual Resident Evil film based on the actual characters and the actual events.

So....better late than never?
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Airbus Jr

Never heard of that kaya girl but I'm familiar with the rest.
Shes the lead actress in pirates of carribean dead man tell no tales

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Daffy Duck

Maybe the reboot will be better? I couldn't even enjoy the originals as simple popcorn-munchers, they were just that bad, imo.

I dunno, the first one is pretty good.

But yes, I really hope we get a live action film even closer to the first game.

Kaya 😍
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Euh...The casting is not the problem with these video games adaptations. It is usually the stinking scripts and the ADHD/MTV 90’s clips oriented directing. You could hire Gary Oldman, Meryl Streep and Casey Affleck and the end result would still suck zombies’ balls. This is a bad idea...which is why it will make a lot of money. The simpletons are an extended family, after all.


Why does it matter what race they are, so long as Chris and Claire are the same race (since you know, they're siblings).


Fuck Seasons 5-6, all my homies hate seasons 5-6
I remember watching episode 1 of season 5 and instantly dropping it.

As for this movie, I don't have high hopes. The previous movies are what we all know them to be, and the cast (ones I've seen) are good actors but I'm not filled with confidence. I'll see how it goes though, the trailer might give me hope.


Erasing a mixed race character too force in a black character lmfao.

Why not just give Marvin a bigger role?
The original RE is so ripe for a good zombie flick. A group of people stuck in a mansion filled with monsters, traps and secrets. Characters betraying one another and getting killed. Hope they do it right. Not a fan of forced diversity hires but I do support talent over skin color. So if they do great in the roles, care and understand who the characters are, I'm fine with it.


This is great news, the movie should go back to the RE1 days, no more Paul Anderson please, Only amazing movie the guy ever made was Event Horizon IMO. He did however did pretty good for himself, boning Milla Jovovich and all...


Trying to force the plot of 2 Resident Evil games in one hour and thirty minute film is a stupid idea to begin with.
Eh, there isn't much plot to the first. I just think it's a waste of a setting to just get through that in 30-40 minutes (unless the movie is 3 hours long or something).
Another race? There are only 3 races. Indians are caucasians pal. Casting a filipino for example, would be as out of place as casting a black guy to play Leon. Indians have caucasian features.

I think it's a great cast.

People are always gonna ree over racial changes in games/movies it seems.

It usually works out pretty well. Nick Fury is synonymous with Samuel Jackson to me now.


Eh, there isn't much plot to the first. I just think it's a waste of a setting to just get through that in 30-40 minutes (unless the movie is 3 hours long or something).

I guess we see it differently, cause I see the first film as a goldmine full of awesome horror/action moments to fill out a 1 hour and 30 minute film, with spaces being dedicated character dialogue to flesh out who they are and their relationships with each other for the viewer. After all, it's a shit horror movie that doesn't make you give a damn whether or not people die.
The sets look great, but I was curious about the director's filmography. I saw 47 Meters Down and thought it was actually surprisingly decent (but not necessarily good). Surely, the second one might be better? Nope - pure garbage. And that's his most recent film. He also directed The Strangers: Prey at Night, which I've heard nothing but negative things about.

So yeah, not exactly confident in this being any better than the WS Anderson dumpster fires.


All these years later I still chuckle at what a fucking moron that guy is.
Ah here we go with hollywood changing established characters again to fulfill a narrative. What absolutely dogshit casting choices they made for Jill and Leon. The rest are fine to me.
Avan Jogia is fine for Leon. "How dare they make my white guy brown!" is a shitty take. Jogia is a good actor, that's the most important thing.


Leon and Chris looked pretty good on the last movie, but this fact alone couldn't save the movie from beeing trash.

You mean the 3d one? I thought Chris looked kinda weird in that one but at least there was one or 2 good action scenes in it.


Yes, the CGI movie. Hmm, I really licked the overall aesthetics of the movie, but damn... that plot.
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