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Game Dev “PS5 Is the Least Constrained Hardware We’ve Ever Worked On” R&C Game Director


Feb 7, 2019
But everyone says that every gen, because there's always a finite limit on a machine's capabilities and they'll hit that wall eventually with PS5 too. Every new machine is always the least constrained by basic logic, because it conquered some of the limits of the previous one. We're not at true real-time photorealistic film CGI for example, so there's a constraint. This time, they've got some more beefy components and a revolutionary new disk IO solution that enables near-instant loading and lets them do things they've never been able to do before. Disk access is no longer a (huge) constraint, but something else will be, eventually - and when the next machine comes out, they'll talk about how they have the least constraints ever with a new machine, again.

It's just marketing fluff and doesn't really need to be said for people to buy the machine... what helps more is specific details about the gameplay they've achieved rather than how infinitely powerful the new god tier machine is.

Except once again as I already pointed out that is not the case, numerous developers had issue with complicated nature of the emotion engine the cell engine and course the split ram to name just a few...

alot of developers random major bottlenecks with the limited CPU in the last Gen.

And once again in regards to this being a fluff piece, This is an interview with the developers not something a average consumer is usually watching.

this isn't being sold to the average consumer it's being sold to enthusiast's such as ourselves, so I wouldn't call it a fluff piece but rather a developer very excited about new Tech they can use.
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Sep 6, 2015
I remember Tim said something about that level of customization isn't possible on PC due to all the different parts from many different manufacturers.

Not saying the speeds are not possible on PC it's just the way the PS5s I/O is built that isn't.

For example one thing that I don't see happening is the PS5s I/O complex inside of the APU on PC.
It's only possible with AMD if they decide to do it. They own the hardware necessary as they own both the CPU and GPU. But they'd still have to work with manufacturers for the motherboards to do it.