“Titans” Hits Non-U.S. Netflix January 11th

Nov 25, 2015
The trailers didn't look good but the comments suggest otherwise.
Anyone watching this?

The series has since aired eight of its twelve-episode first season run in the United States on the DC Universe streaming service with the ninth to air this week. That means, bar any interruptions, “Titans” will finish up at the end of this month.

Thus it comes as no huge surprise that Netflix UK has revealed the premiere date for the series on the service with a Friday January 11th date being revealed for the show which appears to be releasing its entire season on the service.
Jun 23, 2013
I actually like it quite a bit. Reminds me of Season 1/2 of Arrow with better production values. (haven't finished Season 1 yet)

Now that I've looked into more, I'm definitely looking forward to Doom Patrol as well. Brendan Fraser is going to be in it as Robotman and Timothy Dalton is The Chief.

Also Swamp Thing looks like it'll be good for sure with James Wan in the mix with it. Looks like they have one actor doing Alec Holland and another doing Swamp Thing.

Live action Stargirl is also coming, but not much on that at the moment.
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Mar 23, 2008
Finally, decent video and surround sound (probably).

I'm hoping this is an HDR show, just like Star Trek Discovery and some other Netflix shows were HDR (even though they weren't 4k). Discovery in HDR is amazing.
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Aug 2, 2015
It's genuinelly good show. It mixes the street level with the craziness really well. I do think it does the street level better (actually it does it better than any live action I've seen) out of the two, so I sometimes wish it would focus solely on that, but it still manages to merge it with the higher levels of SF/supernatural very well.

Oh..and Jason Todd is fucking GOAT :D DC Universe needs to greenlight Red Hood show with that dude :D
Dec 6, 2017
This is the "fuck Batman" show, right? The one people said looked like a fan film from the trailer? So apparently people are saying it's actually good? Is this canon to the movies?