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10 new PS VR2 titles revealed, launch window lineup now over 40 games


Tetris Effect and Asrobot were my two most overrated vr games. They were both very nice, but teris effect can be played in a dark room with some headphones. What it's gaining with vr is mostly sensory deprivation, which is cool and everything but not the greatest vr implementation.

Astrobot was a quality platformer. And it proved that mario would be better in vr since it alleviates so much of the platformer camera woes, but the game itself was just a pretty good platformer with an ubelievably cute character.


Sony needs to get their shit together and have these games on the PS Store so people could actually buy them. There is a fraction of those titles as of 4 hours ago available to order/pre-order on Sony's PS Store. There are a few games I would love to buy digitally, but Sony does not have them available to purchase. Perhaps they all will magically appear on launch day.
RE4 is a great game and better than RE8 (whether flat or in VR) so, who gives a shit about the graphical gap? Do you only care about the few games that look as good as Horizon and GT7 from these 40 games? That severely reduces their number too, even if by different arguments to his.

That's nice but very few here will call a Switch 2 launch lineup great if it's got a handful of new games, some of which exclusives, plus 35 games you can already play on other platforms (just not Switch 1) now as we speak, never mind by its eventual actual announcement & launch window 🤷

It's nice that some people care about VR now Sony tells them to and indeed will give plenty games a chance so hopefully the platform does well, boosts all of VR and doesn't end up like PSVR with dwindling support given its capabilities aren't behind the curve like it was but come on dudes.
I give a huge shit about the graphical gap, especially in vr when we are basically a generation behind in terms of graphics. Quest 2 sucks ass, it's a low spec mobile hardware. RE 4 VR on the quest 2 looks too dated, village vr will destroy it it's a night and day difference. Graphics do matter
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Here's a cool video showing some footage of alll the announced ones with footage available (from other platforms for ports/multiplatform without PSVR2 footage):

Includes also release date if available and upgrade options if apply.
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