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11 Senate Republicans say they will object to Electoral College results on Wednesday


Jun 9, 2004
Considiring the posts in here, it seems like challanging the election is actually time honored and part and parcel with American democracy. 2016, 2005, Bush V Gore. I am sure the further back we go we can continue finding things.

If anything challanging elections is democratic. If you didn't then when it does actually happen no one will say a peep.

at the end of the day Biden will get in and Trump will just ride the wave of the election was stolen to book/TV/Movie/Merchandise deals and use it as a spring board for a 2024 run either by him, Don Jr or his chosen one from the GOP.

You should look up Al Gore gaveling down Democrats from the House trying to challenge his own loss. Or Biden yelling "It's over!" at members doing the same in 2016. It's never had any sort of traction outside of the fringe, and no loser has failed to concede into January, nor had triple digit members of congress willing to protest it from the house or double digits (or any?) from the senate. The level of groveling for dear leader here is unprecedented and opening more of a pandora's box than you realize.