12 Days of GAFMas 2018: Confessions

Apr 2, 2013
臺北市, 臺灣

Dear Fellow Gaffers,
t is the most wonderful time of the year! You better let the yuletide gay: bundle up, bake some cookies (leave some out for Santa), and don your favorite robe — we at NeoGAF are going to bring some holiday cheer with this themed topic — 2018’s 12 Days of GAFMas Confessions!

Now’s the time to see who has been naughty (or nice)!

As a continually thriving message board with tons of veterans and new members, the time is nigh to share the wonderfully and infamously epic moments we had in our pasts (or presents) for the spirit of the whole NeoGAF forum body (I mean... Christmas).

With this said, it is time for logistics... ever so important that one remains anonymous throughout the whole process – please do not include identifiable information in your confession, and please don’t make it anything worth a legitimate report (please refer to the ToS if you need further guidance, I’m sure there is no need to go further).

If you are feeling jolly, you can submit your confessions to this Google Form:

They will be posted anonymously, as submitted. Our first day of GAFMas is officially
---- December 13th, 2018 ----

Enter your stories from now until then and await the glorious festivity to come!
This will continue until Christmas Day (the more submissions, the more posts per day).


I look forward to our celebration, ye merry gentle[wo]men!


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