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German Hops

I'm glad you noticed.
Anytime is a good time for some Bussi. (y)


Tears in the rain
I'm still Neo Member.
"Poor fella...Smart, but dumb." - Red John, The Mentalist

A mad dash, for a maximum of posts as quickly as possible to escape the horrifying reality of being a Junior. Except now, he finds himself in a much darker hell. The unholiest of places. The Perma. Requiescat in Pace.

End Time

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Welcome, remember there are different camps here,

1.The console warriors, by name: the PS fans (Ponys) the xboxfans (green rats) and sometimes the Nintendo fans.
2 The PC only gamers (PC MasterRace)
3 Nutral gamers who play on everything
4 Gamers who only like to game on they're prefered platform and dont give a sh*t about consolewars.
Choose wisely ore do whatever you want.
O yeah, watch out what you say in the consolewar topics, think before you write cous the banhammer could hit you in the ass.
Have fun...😉
I play PS/Xbox/NS/PC at the same time, maybe I'm a neutral player
Not open for further replies.
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