191 Jobs postings at Sony this month point to something massive happening.

191 Job postings at Sony this month and 51 of them with SNEI. This is the largest single month job posting I've ever seen. Timetable if they are advertising this month is at the earliest late this year ramping up through next year. This also points to firmware updates for all Sony products before and during this period.

I've only skimmed a few of them, can others do the same and point out what may be coming. Some speculation, some obvious and already predicted by others:

Webkit applications coming for the PS4, PS3 and other Sony products. Many Sony applications will be server based with minimal local presence (so they can run on limited resource platforms).

PS Now will include services and NEW games (It's not just older games as a BC service) that will be run on PS3 and/or Amazon Web servers). Sony is "Collaborating with stakeholders of multiple worldwide business units". This may mean that PS Now will be partner services, owned in part by third parties in countries like China which requires majority ownership.

Each paragraph below is form a different job posting.

The WebKit team at SNEI develops and maintains the platform at the heart of the PlayStation User Experience. We have an open position for a talented Sr. Software Engineer with a passion for contributing to world class open source software for the hugely anticipated PlayStation 4.

Sony seeks a Software Engineer II in San Diego, CA to be responsible for the design, development, implementation, unit testing and automated testing of interactive web-based applications and services.

As a Sr. UX Designer, you will work to define the user model and user interface for new and existing SNEI products and services. You will develop high level and/or detailed storyboards and wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas.

We are currently searching for Hadoop Administrator to join Data Analytics and Services (DAS) team in San Diego, CA. We are looking for a highly energetic Administrator with Hadoop Admin Experience to support Data Warehouse solution and administer/ support Cloudera Hadoop Clusters on AWS. {Amazon Web Services}

You will be part of a team responsible for developing the automation of core infrastructure components that are responsible for the operations for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and future flagship Sony devices and services.

The Sr. Software Engineer will design, and develop cloud-based network software services for the PlayStation® and other applications/devices. S/he will provide strong technical leadership in cloud based software development and scalable API designs for the implementation of commerce and social features of PlayStation® Now, Sony's cloud-based gaming initiative.

You will drive development projects from inception through deployment on a worldwide scale across device platforms. Programs will impact how millions of customers will play games on their PS4, TV, Vita, Mobile and other devices. Collaborating with stakeholders of multiple worldwide business units and 3rd parties to clearly identify, explain, and communicate their project involvement, goals, expectations, and tasks

Game Consoles to replace Cable boxes and the connected home starts in 2014

Sony partnership with Shanghai Oriental Pearl (Group) to launch PlayStation in China

New PS4 and PS3 Models Revealed by Certification Request Filed by Sony

Many PS4 apps and UI elements built in WebGL. Window 8 uses OpenGL for the UI and browser and DirectX for games.

Edit: It's not just about PS Now.

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And yet even more news for companies preparing for what's coming. Google just announced Android TV.

Google targets Amazon's and Apple's set-top boxes with Android TV platform

It runs apps from other content providers like Netflix, of course, and allows you to pump live TV (OTA for ATSC 2.0 and Cable TV (No DVR but PS4, XB1, network drives or Windows 8.1 is available)) through the interface SiliconDust's TV tuners will work. HTML 5.0 (Cable Labs recommendation to the W3C) and Android L will both support Silicon Dust HD Homerun tuners.

Android TV will be in Sony, Sharp and Philips TVs next year

While its new Android TV flavor of Android L will hit the streets in set-top boxes aimed at game consoles and media streamers, it announced that next year smart TVs from Sony (all of its 4K and smart TVs), Sharp and TP Vision/Philips will ship with the OS.

everything needed to handle video from HDMI, TV tuners or IPTV receivers is now natively included in Android L.

Razer's making a gaming 'micro-console' with Android TV, available this fall

The micro-console can "stream movies, music and other apps for large-screen entertainment," says Razer, "with an emphasis on gaming." Sounds a lot like Amazon's Fire TV, no? The difference here is that Razer's also promising "hardcore" gaming, Sounds like AMD's Mullins with modules connected with DockPort. ...... Mullins shown at CES 2014

HTC vows to bring Android L to One M8, M7 soon. Android L would update the Phones to support the whole home Tuner/DVR (both cable and OTA).

Timing is "Soon", this fall and included in next year's Smart TVs. Each will be advertising their products and what they will do. Buzz words will be coined and the public educated starting this fall.


Jeff Rigby thread! Reading now.

ed: I hope that something will come out of this. I really do. They should begin with simple apps and level the differences between EU and US (mainly APP) store.


jeff_rigby thread? jeff_rigby thread. Also, some of these job listings made me wish I was qualified to apply. Gotta finish school first :p
I don’t know enough to chime in on your theory Jeff but I will say damn Sony and their constant need for managers and nothing else! I check their jobs listings every now and then in the chance that I come across a nice job in the marketing team or something else PR based but all I ever see is constant need for manager level positions only.
Good news.
From what I've seen it's mostly behind the scenes SCEI/SEN stuff (servers, services, etc.), not gaming related (I assume that goes through WWDS) which is good, IMHO.
I really hope Sony/SEN builds a robust, worldwide network of servers for PSNow, dedicated multiplayer and other services.
Having a mandatory PSN+ for multiplayer should help to fund that.
Sony laid off about 20.000 workers and developers in the last two years. So 191 new jobs don't seem many ...

And it could easily be that some guys left Sony before it is fully bankrupt and Sony is looking for new guys filling in the jobs.
191 job postings is not a lot of postings for a company that has 23,000 or so employees. Unless this is a very specific, small group. For some perspective, my company of 3,000 employees has about 300 job listings on our website.


There's a lot of chatter lately about Sony wanting to really push PSN+ adoption. My guess is that they are investing in that infrastructure. It's going to be damn funny seeing PS4 eat the XBox Ones lunch because it manages to woo a lot of IPTV services and app support due to its installed base. MS could have done so much more with the 360 than they did as far as providing an entertainment network. If Sony picks up where MS left off in the service delivery field, it would be epic!
Good Find jeff_rigby and finally an OP by you I actually can follow :)

Reads like jobs are focused on Services rather than games.
So what is there besides PSN and PSNOW? What else could this be, no clue.


Sony laid off about 20.000 workers and developers in the last two years. So 191 new jobs don't seem many ...

And it could easily be that some guys left Sony before it is fully bankrupt and Sony is looking for new guys filling in the jobs.
lol... this post.
First of all, the layoffs were needed. Several divisions have been reorganized so they had to reshuffle a lot. They were too bloated for far too long. 191 new jobs in one month is interesting, if you were following their job postings in the last months.
And even the SCEWW Studios are hiring a lot of people for quite some time now.

The "some guys left before Sony is fully bankrupt" part is so lol-worthy, that I won't even comment on it.
As an example of what can be pulled from job postings: The following Job listing confirms Java is required for the PS Now local UI. Blu-ray players, like the PS3 and PS4 have Java so they can, with WebRTC or using the player for HTML5 <video>, support PS Now. PS Vita's web browser supports Java, HTML5 and cookies,

So it makes sense that Sony has mentioned PS now on PS4, Vita then connected blu-ray players and Smart TVs with HTML5 browsers.

HTML 5.0 coming this September includes APIs to Java, DLNA and more. DLNA CVP2 is a HTML5 app that requires Java, DLNA (may require HDHomerun tuner support) and is designed to support XTV. So any platform that support HTML 5.0 should include support for DLNA CVP2 and also support PS Now. See how that works....

http://www.linkedin.com/jobs2/view/14048441?trk=njsrch_hits&goback=%2Efjs_*1_*1_sony_Y_*1_*1_*1_5_R_true_*1_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2 said:
Senior Java Engineer job at Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Do you want to bring Gaikai's game-streaming technology to smartphones, tablets, TVs, consoles, and other devices? To be on the team that pulls it all together? To work with innovative technology and innovative partners on innovative devices? Join us

As a part of Sony Computer Entertainment, Gaikai is leading the cloud gaming revolution, putting console-quality video games on any device. We are working with our partners to port, customize, and optimize Gaikai's systems on different client device platforms: smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, TVs, consoles, the works.
From another job listing, Server side PS Now uses Python.

Edit: From an old news article: PS4 Is 'Not A Successor' To PS3 But 'An Addition To The Family' All these new services coming can be accessed with any platform that supports HTML 5.0. PS Now using PS3 hardware likely means a longer life for the PS3 as a co-existing platform with the PS4.
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