2 Months Later - BLUR vs Split/Second

Jun 10, 2004
Blur is on sale for $29.99 at TRU...

I do like Split Second a lot, as I've played the demo like 40 times...
Haven't spent much time with Blur. Which do you recommend? I honestly think I would enjoy both thoroughly, but I wonder after some time how the two stand up?


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Jun 9, 2004
Definitely Blur. One of the best racing experiences I've had in years.

Split Second is solid for sure, but I felt that the game revealed its hand almost immediately and didn't have lasting appeal. Blur kept me playing for a lot longer.


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Jun 6, 2004
I have had both. I think that for multi, Blur would be the game. Single player would be Split Second. I say that because with the nature of Blur and the weapons and power-ups you would have a chance after a short time. With no matchmaking at all, Split Second sets you up for embarrasment on line if you haven't completed the single player game.

I personally liked Split Second the best. It reminded me alot of Burnout Revenge and that is a good thing.
I bought both and kind of feel like a chump in retrospect. Blur is deeper and more engaging in every way. In S/S, there's only one offensive capability you can strategize with: blowing up the environment. In Blur there are, what, six? Ten? Not sure the actual number (not to mention defensive), but turn to turn, Blur is just a deeper game on every level.

I mean, they are both fun and I don't really regret getting Split/Second, but Blur is on another level.
Jun 3, 2009
Completely agree that the Blur multiplayer is WAY better, but I really enjoy the Split/Second single player. I tend to sell/trade games pretty regularly, but I still own both of these and probably always will. I really enjoy both of them.

I will say due to the addictive online, I play Blur much more often.
Aug 2, 2007
+1 for Blur

The single-player campaign has lots of variety, and the multi-player (as long as the community is intact) is top notch.

I've been playing Blur for two months and the game still makes me say "OH!! SHIT!!" at least once a day.
Dec 6, 2008
I didn't really enjoy neither of them as wish I had, but if I had to pick one it'd be Blur.
S/S felt a bit "lost" in terms of what they were aiming for, while Blur is much more solid.
I'm actually waiting for a Blur 2 because if they can iron some of the flaws, it will definitely be a real fun game to play.
Oct 4, 2009
Bought them both ... I still own Blur, the online is so well done. It is the COD of racing games as far as how much was put into the online.

Split/Second was a roller coaster.. that gets old after a few trips down the track. Fun.. just not anywhere near the legs that Blur has.


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Nov 1, 2009
I bought Split/Second and don't regret it. Maybe it doesn't stand up to a prolonged play session but I pop it in every few days, play through an episode, then come back to it a few days later. In short bursts it provides a lot of thrills, though it is a very much a case of style over substance. Blur I have no interest in.
Apr 18, 2009
panda21 said:
blur for multiplayer, split second for singleplayer
This is generally how I feel, though if I had to pick only one, I'd be Split/Second. This is mainly due to the fact that the Blur player numbers have gotten pretty small lately. The last few times I've been on the player count in the corner has not exceeded 2,000 players.
Nov 29, 2007
Ann Arbor, MI
I had planned on skipping Blur until I picked it up for $20 at Best Buy with that coupon a couple weeks back.

I've played through all of the single player of Split/Second and have only tried the multiplayer a few times. On Blur, I've done about 20% of the single-player career mode and have played to rank 27 or so in the multiplayer (about 6 - 7 hours?)

+ Better car handling than Blur (IMO)
+ Decent variety in SP mode
+ Some might say the game's powerplay mechanic is gimmicky but I thought it was fresh and fun.
+ SP mode is pretty challenging...
- But part of that is because of the extreme rubber-band AI in race/elimination mode
- MP mode feels tacked on.
- Being aggressive to the AI vehicles feels futile. Your car bounces off them and they have little to no give.

+ Extremely fleshed out multiplayer mode.
+ Losing does hurt as much when you can still earn fans (think experience/progression) in many other ways
+ Lots of depth to the car combat
- SP is okay, but the MP kind of steals the show.
- Only a couple MP modes have a lot of players (360 version).

Unless you don't want to play MP at all, I would recommend Blur. I'm eating my words here, because I've been recommending S/S in previous threads :lol
May 24, 2007
Blur. I would agree S/S single player is good but it started to feel cheap after a few episodes (holy fuck at the rubber banding A.I.). It did remind me of BO Revenge, which I loved. But if definitely looking for replayability, Blur all the way...
Jun 7, 2004
JustAnotherOtaku said:
I've only played the Blur demo (waiting for a price drop) but I enjoyed it. I bought Split/Second though and really love it. Feels like a pre-Paradise Burnout game. Simple and addictive.
It was $10 at best Buy a few weeks ago.

Having played both: Split/Second. I couldn't get into Blur for some reason, I think because I played SS first. To be fair it was hard to get into SS at first because I've played so much Burnout Paradise over the past two years and I really missed boost. :lol
Jun 3, 2009
Blur is the only game where you can have 20 people playing, finish 19th, and feel like king of the castle. You have to have this attitude to enjoy Blur (for me at least). Some of my craziest finishes have been at the back of the pack.

Even still, I do not get how people finish 1st like 4 times in a row. (Which is more 1st place finishes than I have had in over 125 races. Im not a bad driver, but I just dont know how some of these guys consistantly avoid "The Fall from Grace".)
Jun 9, 2004
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TheApatheticOne said:
Blur is the only game where you can have 20 people playing, finish 19th, and feel like king of the castle. You have to have this attitude to enjoy Blur (for me at least). Some of my craziest finishes have been at the back of the pack.

Even still, I do not get how people finish 1st like 4 times in a row. (Which is more 1st place finishes than I have had in over 125 races. Im not a bad driver, but I just dont know how some of these guys consistantly avoid "The Fall from Grace".)
Spot on! Just got the game a week or so ago. I've only placed 1st 6 times out of my 130 online games... yet I keep going back because I'm having a shit ton of fun with the game. Being dead last in a race has never been so much fun.
May 13, 2009
Split Second. I'm not a kart racing fan (which to me feel more like a game of chance rather than a game of skill) so I couldn't get into Blur. Split Second felt like modes from the Burnout Series but more developed. I borrowed S/S and I'll probably buy it once the price drop on it. I don't know why but it made me even more excited for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 :D
Dec 6, 2008
Manheim, PA
While I think the MP portion of Blur is a very forward-thinking idea and addictive, I lost interest b/c it truly relies on the strength / commitment of the community. Also, I didn't find the "rewards" from leveling up as exciting as those found in, say, MW2 or Transformers.

If my free time was infinite, I'm sure I'd sink some hours into Blur; but, as is, I grabbed the game for $20, played it for a bit, then traded it to Amazon for $26.25.

I am really enjoying Split/Second, and it's more suited to my schedule b/c the meat of the game lies in campaign mode.

To be honest, I think both games are strong, original titles in their genre, and I hope we see them develop into sequels in the future.
Jun 10, 2004
Already have modnation... wasn't really feeling it... in fact I should have never got it, because games that relies heavily on "customization" don't fit me very well. I don't have a lot of time to spend customizing... I just need to play. I picked up Blur since everyone recommended it. I'm LOVING this game... it's Crazy... there's no guarantees, it's just total mayhem for 95% of every race... Even when I've been finishing second to last, I'm not even mad, because of how insane the race was...
Sep 17, 2006
Puerto Rico
fernoca @ Split/Second |OT| said:
This game...is like what I always wanted in a racing game..darn!
I always wanted a racing were each lap was compeltely different and on which you were constantly either manipulating the track or evading things from it..

Even thouh I like racing games in general (in the last couple of days I've been alternating this game with Forza 3)..I always felt like I was doing the same thing. In many racing games you just basically run in circles, finish the race and move on. As time went by, some developers started taking the "GTA approach"; basically put racing in open ended worlds, which was nice..but still felt the same; but instead of running in circles, you were running from point A to point B...and maybe use shortcuts to get to B....still awesome; but in many cases if you were winning; yo uwere either just doing nothing except to make sure to not crash; or evade other cars (in the games that there were cars in the road as transit)

But darn this game!
Either you have to avoid an exploding gas station, or as you're drving the road collapses and you end in an underground parking lot; or a air-traffic-tower collapses closing the route you (or the ones behind you) were going to take...and as you just evade that tower ; an airplane comes crashing in front of you.....among many other things..and that's just in one of the tracks (i.e. the one from the demo)..

Mixed with an original score, that sounds like it was taken directly from orchestrated Hollywood movies; with a lot of tension and dramatic parts...and to top it, some amazing visuals with incredible lighting effects. (Plus more bonus points for the subtle/ small HUD).

So, yeah..this is my perfect racing game..if there's only one bad thing about it...is that I want more cars, more tracks, more music. Already sent a few messages to the developers to congratulate them for such an amazing game (plus Pure was quite cool too)... :lol
Just yesterday, I was playing in the Seattle like track..trying to survive, but crashed..and went from 1st to 8th. But I had all 3 'Power Play' meters full..so as I was driving I pressed the button to destroy the tower, tower collapsed..destroying the other 7 racers in front of me, opening a route to drive on a few roofstops..and I went from 8th to 1st, but..being 1st..means nothing, when there are buildings collpasing and a tank destroying a bridge...so yeah I ended 4th.. :lol