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2011 UEFA Champions League Final |OT| Barcelona vs Manchester United

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The biggest match of the biggest tournament featuring the biggest teams in the world. The 2010-11 UEFA Champions League comes down to the final two: FC BARCELONA and MANCHESTER UNITED. Both have already triumphed in their domestic leagues: Barcelona Champions of Spain for a 21st time, Manchester United Champions of England for a record 19th, and both aim to conquer Europe once more. The two are no strangers, Barca having defeated ManUtd just two years ago in Rome for the very same prize. How much have the two sides changed? Can The Greatest Manager in the World overcome The Greatest Team in the World?

The Quest For Four all comes down to this.


Saturday, 28th May 2011
From Wembley Stadium in London England
Kickoff: 19:45BST / 2:45PM EST
Viewing: ITV1 and SkySports (UK) / FOX (US)
Victor Kassai (Hungary)
Assistant Referees:
Gabor Erös (touchline) (Hungary)
György Ring (touchline) (Hungary)
Mihaly Fabian (penalty area) (Hungary)
Tamás Bognar (penalty area) (Hungary)
Fourth Official:
István Vad (Hungary)
Reserve Official:
Robert Kispal (Hungary)



More than a club.
For the past five years FC Barcelona have been exactly that. Under the guide of Pep Guardiola, this team has become an unstoppable offensive juggernaut, snatching every piece of silverware on offer along the way.
MANAGER: Pep Guardiola
CAPTAIN: M Xavi / D Carles Puyol / D Eric Abidal
  • 1 Valdes
  • 2 Alves ( SUB OUT, 88' )
  • 14 Mascherano
  • 3 Pique
  • 22 Abidal
  • 16 Busquets
  • 6 Xavi
  • 8 Iniesta
  • 17 Pedro ( GOAL! 27' / SUB OUT, 90+2' )
  • 7 Villa ( GOAL! 69' / SUB OUT, 86' )
  • 10 Messi ( GOAL! 54' )

  • 38 Oier
  • 5 Puyol ( SUB IN, 88' )
  • 9 Bojan
  • 15 Keita ( SUB IN, 86' )
  • 20 Afellay ( SUB IN, 90+2' )
  • 21 Adriano
  • 30 Thiago




The Biggest Club in the World.
And who would say otherwise? A fanbase reaching around the world, and with good reason. This season, Manchester United have returned to championship form, but one trophy can simply not be enough for these Red Devils, can it?
MANAGER: Sir Alex Ferguson
CAPTAIN: D Nemanja Vidic
  • 1 van der Sar
  • 20 Fabio ( SUB OUT, 69' )
  • 5 Ferdinand
  • 15 Vidic
  • 3 Evra
  • 25 Valencia
  • 16 Carrick ( SUB OUT, 77' )
  • 11 Giggs
  • 13 Park
  • 10 Rooney ( GOAL! 34' )
  • 14 Chicharito

  • 29 Kuszczak
  • 12 Smalling
  • 24 Fletcher
  • 8 Anderson
  • 18 Scholes ( SUB IN, 77' )
  • 17 Nani ( SUB IN, 69' )
  • 7 Owen






Title should say: all or nothing.
Ask a mod or something.
Oh and doesn't matter if you're Chelsea supporter, that's an awesome op.

Manchester United supporter reporting in.


Has problems recognising girls
2009 seemed to be a let down in certain dynamics. I wanted Barcelona to win, they did, but I still felt unfulfilled.

I'm not siding with any team this time and simply want to watch to enjoy a possibly excellent match.
I'm siding with ManU due to the fact that most Barca players are pretentious pussies who must take acting classes on their days off (excl. Messi) + I've been a ManU fan around 2000, even had a.....Beckham......jersey at one point :(

Chris R

Chelsea fan here hoping ManU crush Barca. Any prop bets going on about simulation and/or a bad goal a video ref would allow/disallow?


Good job with the OP.

Anyway, my heart's praying/hoping/begging for a United victory, but unfortunately, my brain's telling me something different... That Barca midfield's gonna be a fucking nightmare. =(
Barça fan over here, less than 12 hours to go, I'll go to a Sports bar with a few Man U supporters, the only good thing about Shanghai is that both sides have a equal number of fans.

I hope this will be the match of the year


Real Madrid fan for a decade here, don't support any of the clubs, but tonight I wish The Red Devils will crush Barcelona.


I hope Barca will crush ManU and Messi will show exactly why he is best player in the world and why he is going to win 3rd consecutive Ballon d'Or.


NoRéN said:
And here I thought you were in Europe for some reason?


Born in Europe. Been watching football at midnight and in the early morning for most of my life, but it will never seem right.


Even though i'm not a big fan of both clubs i'm gonna root for Barcelona. I think it will be a tight game.. And even though i want Barca to win, Manchester has a lot of potential to surprise us tonight.


bjaelke said:
Fantastic OP. Hoping for an entertaining match for the neutral fan.

Brings to mind Alan Davies screaming on a recent podcast.



Salazar said:

Born in Europe. Been watching football at midnight and in the early morning for most of my life, but it will never seem right.
Aww, ok.
It took me a while to get used to the weird times. Since I'm in California, I've needed to grow accustomed to my football weekends starting at 4am. 11am feels late for me now.

Here's to a great game. I really hope United and Barcelona come out swinging. None of this diving and swarming the ref bullshit. Lots of saves, great tackles, and lots of goals.
Gooner supporting Barca today
United have been dominating us for years now,so this is how I find happiness.Hoping for a high goal count though.

Barca 3-2


Should probably not trust the 7-11 security cameras quite so much
Spurs fan here but I'm rooting for United. Besides Messi, Puyol and Pique I can't stand the Barca players. When the going gets tough, they prefer to hit the deck and intimidate the referee rather than work harder. I also think they play quite boring football, the amount of passes in their own half is absurd. Possession football is all well and good when there's 10 minutes to go but not before then.
No big screens up in Manchester (unless somebody knows different?) so just gonna be getting together with mates watching this one.

Hoping, praying, wishing United win.

Expecting 2-0 to Barca.

Also, Wembley looks immaculate, I hope it's a classic just for the stadium.


Firstly hope it's a good game of Football with the handbags and other bullshit put aside (I'm looking at you Busquets). Other than that I want Barcelona to play the Mancs off the park with hopefully a few tears from people like Rio the camel faced twat and Shrek himself.

Going with a 3-1 Barcelona win.


For a Finer World
I'm hoping for a great match, first and foremost. I have watched Barca and United a lot this season and at their best it can be a brilliant show of attacking football.

4-3 Barca, plz :)

Both teams have had low points this season too, and in a few games (and off the pitch) players have acted disgracefully. I'm not going to judge the teams for that and I hope the bullshit stops here.

RESPECT, guys & girls. Let's hope the game will be worthy of the Final of the Decade dubbing.


I can't really believe anyone accuses this Barca side of playing a boring game; they're a joy to watch, none of them moreso than Messi of course. When Barca attacks, they're gracefully lethal. I think Man U play attractive football as well, so I can't wait for this.

EDIT: What Keio said!
I really think Barca can run away with this if they play their best. I just dot think this united team is good enough to beat them. 3-1 Barca!
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