2013 High-Res PC Screenshot Thread of Let the JPEG Die Already


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Sweet, glad to see the new thread!

Also, to the earlier guy, don't limit it to 1080p, then you'll lose out on some clean downsampled shots!

Glad to know we are starting the year off so well with all these JPEGs.
As long as it's not badly compressed, I've no problem, but I understand it's advised not to do so.

Maybe instead of snarky remarks, we can lead people to alternative solutions?

For example. There is no rule against JPEGs, but they pale in comparison to the quality of PNG.

If you are sure your JPEG is being taken at 100% quality, then fine, but if you are unsure, ask around on these forums, or try one of these alternative screenshot tools...


Nvidia Inspector



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Awww yeah time to subscrizzle.

Best thread on GAF? Best thread on GAF.

A toast, for the new year. *raises mouse*

Lord those stats. I posted more shots than I thought... I don't have anything worthwhile to show recently so instead of posting crap I just won't. I'm trying to go for a credible desert look with Fallout New Vegas but it's like trying to do a painting with a bucket of poo...

Happy 2013 gaming. :D


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Which version of Dolphin does this work in?
It doesn't, unfortunately. I'm on 3.5. There's an issue with audio, or something in the game's back end, that leads to in-engine cutscenes hanging and a lot of missing audio. Those shots are from levels that don't have intro talky talk. Once someone talks to you, that's it.