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2014 Game GIF Thread of Glorious 50fps


Low Poly Gynecologist

This thread is for the best of the best in Video Game GIFs. **Also WebM's

For viewing WebM's in chrome, use this extension

For Firefox, use this add on

They should be great quality, with great colors and smooth frame rates.

Bandwidth be damned, expect large file sizes.

Think before you post a gif. and also webm If it's long, can it be shortened? If it's huge, can it be shrunk down? Is it something we've all seen before or not very interesting? We've all seen wicked headsh0tz, bring something interesting to the table.

  • Only 1 embedded gif or also webm per post, or if the total is smaller than 15mb, 2 or 3 gifs or also webms, but you can link to as many gifs or webms as you'd like.
  • Name the games
  • No stretching. If a game is 4:3, capture it in 4:3. Don't stretch it to 16:9.
  • WebM videos should be either 720p or smaller

File size: Remember, smaller the better. Try to keep it at 15 or under. I'm not saying above that isn't allowed, but have a good reason for it.

Resolution: Aim for under 720p. For most GIFs, 640x480 is more than enough.
A 1080p gif is going to be prohibitively large, try to cut the size to at least 50%. And hey, you'll clear out some aliasing with the downsampling as well!

Programs for capturing footage

Programs for creating GIFs from footage

Information on how to best record footage for making into GIFs.


Tip: GIF frame times compared to framerates.
  • 50fps is 0.02 second frames
  • 33fps is 0.03 second frames
  • 25fps is 0.04 second frames

How to best create GIFs of older 8 and 16bit games.

When creating GIFs, my typical work flow is

  1. Record with Fraps or DXtory so I have lossless source footage
  2. Cut down and resize with VirtualDub and export an AVI file
  3. Import AVI file and final edit the GIF in Photoshop
  4. Save For Web as GIF


Sta.sh (2GB of storage, any size images allowed - option to pay for more storage)
Flickr (1TB storage, any size images allowed)
Abload (10mb limit on images)
Copy (15GB Storage, any size images allowed)
Imgur Pro (a paid option. 10MB file max, but very good loading speeds. $24 a year)
pomf.se (For them hot WebM's. If anyone finds a faster, better host - let me know.)

Crysis 3


(Mr. Roderick)

Project Cars

(Mr. Roderick)


Xenoblade Chronicles

2013 Thread

If anyone feels something should be added to the rules, let me know and it'll be considered.

Also, if you submitted something in last years thread that you think is worth of being in the OP, send it my way and if it's up to snuff against everything else I'll toss it in.


Low Poly Gynecologist
I can't wait to see what happens with this thread in 2 days.

Feel free to check out the 2013 thread (linked at the bottom of the OP.)

I'd start at the end and go backwards because people really started to come into their own and learn how to make GIFs really well.
Those FEAR gifs loaded in such a way that the grenade throws and following explosions were perfectly in sync with one another.

It was great!



God..yup... now I want to play Xenoblade again. I cannot wait for X.

Yup... still love the original FEAR. What a fun game. Such a shame what FEAR 3 became, even if it was a sort of fun co-op game.

Good idea for a thread! Even though it's going to murder my browser, I'm totally subscribing.


Low Poly Gynecologist
First time seeing this...
Also, didn't know there was a 2013 thread. Neat idea.

I was going to quote that one too. It looks incredible.

A cool detail worth noting, when the car crashes the visor gets a small crack in the bottom right from the impact.

Wow, I really should play FEAR. That looks awesome.

Upload your gifs to gfycat.com, those HTML5 thingies load way faster.

Don't upload your GIFs to Gfycat - that's not for this thread.

Gfycat compresses the GIFs and reduces their quality. That's not what this thread is about.

Also, the idea of converting a video to a GIF to a video is sort of ridiculous - especially when quality is concerned.

I hope posting my own stuff isn't considered cheating...

Absolutely appreciated and acceptable. Your game looks great by the way!

Here's one of your game from the last thread that I always thought looked really stellar

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