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2014 High-Res PC Screenshot Thread of the Last Hope for Image Quality


Low Poly Gynecologist
Jun 24, 2012
GeDoSaTo has some post processing options similar to SweetFX (which can also be toggled on and off). I've been playing with the bloom, shapening, gamma and contrast. Would be nice if it had LiftGammGain as well.

You could probably add it in yourself since it is just SweetFx stuff. Look at the Post.Fx file and I'm sure you could easily figure out a way to do it.

It looks like it's just the shaders files included at the bottom of the Post.fx, and the SweetFx_Settings part at the top.

Chance Hale

Dec 22, 2012
Denver, Colorado
I remember Halo 2 looking so much better than that, thank goodness for the Master Chief collection. Hopefully that comes to the PC at some point for the wonderful screenshot possibilities.


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Apr 29, 2014
Bay Area, CA
I tried this game again to see if all the old screenshot commands still worked. Seems the devs stripped out the best ones.

You can still fly around. The HUD can be removed via in-game options.

But pause is gone. Enemies will see you and run towards you, making screenshots with them a bit difficult.

In-game slider settings were:
1.2 dark
1.1 light
0.9 saturation
Must apologize for late reply, second job during weekend keeps me busy. Thanks for sharing your in-game slider settings, contrast and color looks great.

Finally got SweetFX working with SoftTH by chaining then together with ENB (ENB + SweetFX + SoftTH). For some reason it looks like there was an issue when using GeDoSaTo and Cheat Engine that kept crashing the game randomly. Worked fine normally but would crash after attaching the cheat table.

Beauty, desktop background'd.

Broken Age uses OGL, I used driver downsampling to render at 3264x2040 -> 1920x1200