"2014 will mark a renaissance for Sonic the Hedgehog"

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So my friend linked me to this picture today...
They sure are getting all the mileage they can out of those silhouettes. Anyways, apparently SEGA has big things in store for Sonic this year that we could be hearing of very soon. Perhaps the upcoming Sonic Boom cartoon is part of a larger plan to reboot the series à la Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures?
Yep, Machinima or Gamespot broke embargo, it's going down tomorrow. Hoping for not a gameplay-reboot and a future with more Unleashed HD styled games, 1 or 2 after that is not enough for me.
Please no. It has never been an issue with how the characters look or their image. Just make good games again. A new art style isn't going to make Sonic more popular.


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We've heard that one a million times. Sonic 2006, Sonic 4, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, Sonic Lost World...
Said this elsewhere, but if this renaissance doesn't include Sonic Battle 2 then get out of my face

But seriously, I guess they really are going the way of Pac-Man with this, full-on.

So wait...that cartoon rumor is real? Oh dear god no.
They confirmed it a while ago. 52 11-minute episodes (Adventure Time style) coming to Cartoon Network this fall.

Go back to the name Dr. Ivo Robotnik and I'm in
That is his name brah
all in for jacked knuckles

get platinum to make an insane action game around him that makes metal gear rising look like baby piss

imagine the infinitely memorable cheesy rap
This is going to be amazing. It's either something good or abysmally bad, and knowing Sonic it's usually a mix of the two.

Shitstorm incoming!
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