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2015 PC Screenshot Thread of the Only Place Where Compression Isn't

Stallion Free

Cock Encumbered

The Dragon Age: Inquisition header image is courtesy of the superb Jim2Point0.

  • Limits: 2 screenshots per post. If you have more than 2, make more posts or use thumbnails.
  • Spamming: No more than 3 consecutive posts of the same game. Link to an album of your collection.
  • Naming: Always include the name of the game with the screenshots. Not everyone is a game encyclopedia.
  • Compression: Don't compress your screens or use a host that compresses them (Steam, Imgur).
  • Emulators: Emulator screens are fine. However, you should list the emulator used.
  • Stretching: Do not post stretched screenshots. Do not take 2.35 screens unless you know what you are doing.
  • Spoilers: Please do not post major plot points from games released in the last 2 months.
  • Thinking: Think before you post. Is the screenshot really worth posting? Does anyone care about some ugly texture you found? No.

  • Custom Resolutions: If you have an Nvidia or an AMD card, create a couple custom resolutions over 1080p.
  • Steam: You can tell Steam to also save lossless screens when hitting the button and choose and output folder.
  • FastStone: It's free and bloody easy. You can resize a whole folder with different options and convert to .png/.jpeg in a single step.
  • Irfanview/Photoshop: Use one of these to convert to .png from .bmp, crop out black bars or resize pictures.
  • Zoner PS: Another Photoshop alternative, recommended by Angelus Errare.
  • Nvidia Inspector: Program for Nvidia cards for fine tweaking AA/AF and other graphical settings for games.
  • Radeon Pro: Program for ATI cards for fine tweaking AA/AF and other graphical settings for games.

  • Alo81's JPEG Guide: Everything you need to know about saving as a JPEG without getting shanked.
  • MrRoderick's Screenshot Compendium: A great thread filled with advice on advanced techniques for screenshotting specific games.
  • Nvidia Inspector: This guide covers how to force AA externally and the basics of using the program.
  • Radeon Pro: Pretty self explanatory, follows alot of the basics from Nvidia Inspector.
  • SGSSAA: This guide on Guru3D covers how to implement Sparse Grid Super Sampling.

  • Flickr: Two terabytes of storage and great for screenshot library management.
  • Picpar: Brought to you by none other than X3sphere, a simple and efficient image host.
  • Abload: Easy to use, doesn't compress jpegs further, auto-converts bmps to png nicely.

The name of the contributor of each screen is next to the game name. Sorry if you didn't make the cut! No one looks at this post after the first page anyways! (Click for full-res).

Assassin's Creed: Unity // AnyoneInCherno

Project Cars // MrRoderick

Black Desert // Spazznid


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Also, I love how you took Minus out of the OP. Good. Fuck that host. Man, did they take a nose-dive last year.


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Awesome. I'm hoping to be able to contribute with screenshots from games other than Skyrim, Half-Life 2 and Portal this year.
The thread is so much more active when it's in the gaming section. Sigh....

Here's a few from Dragon Age: Inquisition

Oh, and now i just saw that banner image. Nice :p


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I never heard of it before but Great Scott, Black Desert looks absolutely gorgeous. Definitely wallpaper material.



Can't wait for someone to figure out a way to implement ambient occlusion into this. I tried forcing DoF in RE4 using ReShade but no luck. I think we're going to see a bunch of shots in this thread using ReShade as the year progresses.
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