2017-18 TV Season Cancellations: Guess which woman's late night show got cancelled


Pictured: The number of people who watch your favourite show. It's really not a lot. Sad!

Welcome to the 2017-18 TV season cancellations thread! I'm so sorry for the thread, but as we all know, if you cover President Donald J. Trump, it will definitely help your ratings. Bad for America, sure, but great for ratings! Did I fall behind on certain shows because I was too busy enthralled by the disaster that is The Trump Administration? Well, I guess I'd be lying if I said I didn't.

First: Why should you care? To quote Stump, from many moons ago:
Stumpokapow said:
Why care about cancellations?
- You don't want to follow a show that's going to get canned after a cliffhanger and then bitch endlessly how unfair it is that you never get to find out what would have happened.
- The faster shows are cancelled in the fall, the sooner you'll get to see midseason returning favourites and other new shows held for the midseason.
- Networks have a finite amount of time and space. The more shows get cancelled, the more pilots get commissioned, the more shows that are ordered to show, the more new shows you get to watch in the future.
- Ask yourself whether or not there are more shows cancelled before their time (OMG VERONICA MARS JOURNEYMAN JOHN FROM CINCINNATI TERRIERS FERRIS BUELLER THE TV SHOW CANCELLED BEFORE THEIR TIME!) or more shows that run years too long, spiral around the drain, decline in quality, and need to be put out of their mercy?

Pictured: San Diego Comic Con - President Trump announces the LGBTQ+ storylines (amongst many other Obama-era storylines) will be ending soon due to 'creative' differences.

American Crime
The Catch
Downward Dog
Dr. Ken
Imaginary Mary
Last Man Standing
The Real O'Neals
Secrets and Lies
Time After Time

2 Broke Girls
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders
The Great Indoors
The Odd Couple
Pure Genius
Training Day

The CW:
No Tomorrow
Reign (final season)
The Vampire Diaries (final season)

24: Legacy
Bones (final season)
Making History
Scream Queens
Sleepy Hollow
Son of Zorn
You the Jury (the dumbest idea ever? or maybe not)

The Blacklist: Redemption
The Carmichael Show
Chicago Justice
Emerald City
Grimm (final season)

Other notable cancellations:
covfefe (covfefe)
Confederate Statues (Virginia, Baltimore, Kentucky, Florida, hopefully everyone else already)
Joss Whedon's thin veneer that he is 'totally a feminist' (Geeks, except the ones that model themselves after Joss Whedon)
Tyrant (FX)
Aquarius (NBC)
Beauty & the Beast (The CW, somehow this surprised us all that it hadn't died already)
Masters of Sex (Showtime, was also molested by a gorilla because of science)
Man Seeking Woman (FXX, didn't seek renewal)
Duck Dynasty (A&E, and now at least one great national nightmare is over)
The O'Reilly Factor (Fox News, because sometimes there is justice in this world)
Bates Motel (A&E)
Underground (WGN, because all lives matter, right? What about the White Slaves?)
Bloodline (Netflix, and so it begins)
Marco Polo (Netflix, ... and the floodgates are open)
The Get Down (Netflix, don't try to convince yourself otherwise)
Turn: Washington's Spies (AMC)
Dark Matter (SyFy)
Marvel's Inhumass (AssBC)

Pictured: President Trump and his top aides calling the TV networks to cancel your favourite shows for all the pettiest reasons.

Reign (The CW)
The Vampire Diaries (The CW)
Halt and Catch Fire (AMC)
Sense8 (Netflix, will be receiving a conclusion)
Black Sails (Starz)
The Leftovers (HBO, you should watch it unless Damon Lindelof still torments you at night with the Lost finale)
Girls (HBO)
The Middle (ABC)
Scandal (ABC)
The Originals (The CW)
New Girl (FOX)

Pictured: White Supremacy, the only thing running longer than General Hospital or Days of Our Lives, with no cancellation in sight.

The Goldbergs - sixth season
Modern Family - tenth season
The Big Bang Theory — twelfth season
The Simpsons - thirtieth season (of infinity)
This Is Us - second and third seasons
Will & Grace - revived! for a tenth season

Let's take a moment and remember all the trials and tribulations we faced last year, like when [your favourite show] was totally on the bubble and it totally didn't get cancelled at the eleventh hour because it was saved by streaming deals?

2016-17 Thread

Pictured: President Trump watching CBS's Star Trek Discovery on Air Force One... not that it would ever happen, there are too many minorities in the new one! And one of them is a captain too!

Sorry/Not Sorry.
Excellent OP and subbed.

Didn't realize Pitch died. I heard it was pretty good but never checked it out myself.

Downward Dog...lol I don't see why that made it to air.


Supersonic, idiotic, disconnecting, not respecting, who would really ever wanna go and top that
Maybe Netflix will save America.

Great thread, Sober. Love it.
Bates Motel wasn't a cancellation but ok.

Can't believe it's that time of year again! My millionth year of lurking and my second thread participating. <3


listen to the mad man
Titles from 2016-2017, bolded my favs:

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I don't even remember what half of these are for.
Does Fox give Orville time out of respect for McFarlane, or does it die early?

At this point, I figure its best chance to avoid cancellation is due to not airing because of NFL overages or something.
Does Fox give Orville time out of respect for McFarlane, or does it die early?

At this point, I figure its best chance to avoid cancellation is due to not airing because of NFL overages or something.
Depends on if they're committed via international sales.

9JKL won't have that luxury, as sitcoms don't sell abroad until they get renewed nowadays.
Ohh man. Fall TV is happening and fast! Cable and streaming are coming back sooner than I expected with You're the Worst (FXX), The Mindy Project (Hulu), and Broad City (Comedy Central).

I'm very much looking forward to this season, especially since we all need something to take our minds off of the real world.

Great OP as well, Sober!
RIP The Blacklist Redemption and Screen Queens. ;_: There were dozens of us that watched those shows and stayed loyal to the end. I loved the editing/cinematic style of the former as it reminded me of comic books a lot whereas the latter was resolved in a way that it was a satisfying conclusion. I'll miss Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, and co on the small screen this fall as they will leave a void in my heart. I also appreciated the behind the scenes insights that TJBennett would provide. I hope he got a gig on a new, promising show.

I'm also a bit bummed out at Frequency getting canned even though I mostly kept it on as background noise. The main actress did a pretty solid job methinks.

Good riddance to 2 Broke Girls although we live in the age where Young Sheldon is a thing. CBS may be creatively bankrupt but as long The Big Bang Theory is a thing, I think we'll be getting spin-offs for years to come. Gotta milk that Chuck Lorre cow dry.

I'm personally looking forward to the return of the CW superhero shows, The 100, Riverdale S2, and Supernatural. Hopefully Super Girl and The Flash return to form this upcoming season because Arrow S5 was incredibly good from beginning to end with DCLoT S2 right behind it. I don't know how Arrow S6 is going to be able to top itself but I remain hopeful.
Great thread.

Scream Queens got cancelled huh? Missed that one.
You and everybody else right...seriously the ratings were beyond awful.

Joss Whedon's thin veneer that he is 'totally a feminist' (Geeks, except the ones that model themselves after Joss Whedon)
Best cancellation of the year. Performative male feminists are almost always secretly creeps.
I knew I was right about Dollhouse being sexist garbage. Yep still not letting that one go.

They spent way too much money on it so I don't see them pulling it off the air. Even if it's a mega bomb, I think it'll still finish its run (maybe on Saturdays).
Agreed. Shows almost never get pulled before their initial order is done anymore, I'm sure it will air somewhere.
Titles from 2016-2017, bolded my favs:

2016-17 TV Season Cancellations: This was a triumph. Making a note here, tasty brains

I don't even remember what half of these are for.
Braindead, the show that would go on to be the correct predictor of the 2016 election. :(

Oh god I just realized what the title of this thread refers to. TV was a mistake.
Noooooooo. I like Dark Matter. Syfy had been my go to for guilty pleasure shows for the past frew years. I hope they don't start moving away from sci-fi shows again.