2017 B/S/T Feedback Thread | Read the OP, and Prepare to Feedback


I'm extremely insecure with how much f2p mobile games are encroaching on Nintendo
Positive buyer feedback for AwRy108

Prompt payment and a pleasure to chat with. Would do business again
I just had a seller send me a message agreeing to a sale, responding to a message I sent yesterday. I was asleep at the time the seller sent his message. About one hour later, I woke up and saw the message. I then sent the money via paypal as well as a neogaf message informing the seller I had sent the money.
Total time elapsed between seller's message and my paypal transaction/message: 66 minutes

12 minutes later, I received a message from the seller apologizing for not being more patient because he had sold the item to someone else "after waiting for a while." He refunded my money promptly.

I'm not sure whether I should leave neutral feedback or none at all.