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2020 PC Screenshot Thread of No Compromises


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  • Limits: 2 screenshots per post. If you have more than 2, make more posts or use thumbnails.
  • Spamming: No more than 3 consecutive posts of the same game. Link to an album of your collection.
  • Naming: Always include the name of the game with the screenshots. Not everyone is a game encyclopedia.
  • Compression: If it's visible you will be called out. Follow the JPEG guide below.
  • Emulators: Emulator screens are fine. However, you should list the emulator used.
  • Stretching: Do not post stretched screenshots. Do not take 2.35 screens unless you know what you are doing.
  • Spoilers: Please do not post major plot points from games released in the last 2 months.
  • Thinking: Think before you post. Is the screenshot really worth posting? Does anyone care about some ugly texture you found? No.
  • Feelings: Did someone hurt your feelings? PM a mod. Take your drama elsewhere.

  • Custom Resolutions: If you have an Nvidia or an AMD card, create a couple custom resolutions over 1080p.
  • Steam: You can tell Steam to also save lossless screens when hitting the button and choose and output folder.
  • FastStone: It's free and quite easy. You can resize a whole folder with different options and convert to .png/.jpeg.
  • Irfanview/Photoshop: Use one of these to convert to .png from .bmp, crop out black bars or resize pictures.
  • Zoner PS: Another Photoshop alternative, recommended by Angelus Errare.
  • Alo81's JPEG Guide: Everything you need to know about saving as a JPEG.

  • Picpar: Brought to you by none other than X3sphere, a simple and efficient image host.
  • Abload: Easy to use, doesn't compress jpegs further, auto-converts bmps to png nicely.
  • Imgur: The most used in this tread, almost no loss during the upload, simple to use.
  • Flickr: Two terabytes of storage and great for screenshot library management.
  • Lensdump: Free unlimited permanent image storage with almost no loss in quality.

  • Alo81's JPEG Guide: Everything you need to know about saving as a JPEG without getting shanked.
  • MrRoderick's Screenshot Compendium: A great thread filled with advice on advanced techniques for screenshotting specific games.
  • Nvidia Inspector: This guide covers how to force AA externally and the basics of using the program.
  • Radeon Pro: Pretty self explanatory, follows a lot of the basics from Nvidia Inspector.
  • SGSSAA: This guide on Guru3D covers how to implement Sparse Grid Super Sampling.
  • HBAO+ Compatibility guide: HBAO+ Flags to be used with NVidiaInspector to improve or add ambiant occlusion on many games.
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Been playing some Witcher 3 again. Started modding a little bit. Some random Ultrawide screens from my last play session. lol
Couldn't upload the direct captures to GAF for some reason. Had to use imgur. :(

Getting judged by the Michael Cera npc.

Them skies tho.

Any mods you would advice, probably going to play through the dlc in a week or so. But need some visual upgrades.


Any mods you would advice, probably going to play through the dlc in a week or so. But need some visual upgrades.

I don't know about his, but these are the ones I use:

W3EE (total overhaul, good if you've played the game already and found it too easy)
Disable storybook videos (quicker loading)
Nitpickers patch (fixes a bunch of visual issues)
Witcher 3 HD reworked project (massive texture replacement)
Familiar music replacement (adds music from previous games - again this is good if you've played it through already)

All are compatible if you load them in the right order. No reshade or anything, IMO the vanilla visuals are great.

Obligatory Witcher 3 screenshot:




Imgur is compressing the fuck out of my post (13Mb down to 650k!!!)
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Imgur is compressing the fuck out of my post (13Mb down to 650k!!!)
Imgur should allow at least 15MB images/gifs, if you use the webpage (restricted to 10MB using the API). Check if the image URL has "L" at the end (without the extension), thats a parameter to show "large" compressed images (m for medium and s for small).

I've never played Witcher 3, I'm not especially big on fantasy settings, but I like the show so I figured fuck it. Modding this game properly is about as fun as punching myself in the balls though. Compiling scripts and trying to figure out 2 year old abandoned guides for all the various community patches is not what I expected when I dove in head first. At least the game is running smoothly so far.


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Witcher 3 (Sorry for the film grain filter - It looks very prominent in screenshots but not that distracting ingame)

I just went for a very dark/gritty looks rather than the clean/fantasy/colorful look intended and others have gone for. Reshade can work wonders. But have to say all screenshots look amazing!

I went and bought The Witcher 2 just to take screenshots of this area. It's a good thing it was dirt cheap on steam. It gives me some serious Boletarian Castle vibes with the massive stoneworks, overcast skies and heavy bloom

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