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2020 PC Screenshot Thread of No Compromises


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Apr 6, 2020
nice i hope you will release it at some point

I need to sort out the overcast weather, it only comes around every 14 or so days and is set as dark overcast, it looks bad in vanilla and I can't think of what to do it like as I already have a cloudy day scene. I currently coloured it as a blue moon day, looks a bit weird. Also going to mess with the skin tones as they show up a bit too orange with current settings. Will post new version in a day or so.

The video shown on the page is from when I was testing it with global settings for weathers, it's showing a sunny day scene but with a cloudy sky so looks odd. It's more accurately coloured now.
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Jun 23, 2019
F1 2019 (Photo Mode) + Custom Reshade + Path Tracing GI

This game's graphic is absolotely stunning and I thought PC2 was great but this game you can see is more recent, still refining my profile a bit but I'm very happy with the result, for this game as well as project cars 2 I'm setting up 3 profiles, 1 photorealistic, 1 Broadcast like (for replays) and 1 Camera car