'28 Weeks Later,' aka PS4 launch at retail stores - [warning: gifs]

This really doesn't seem worth it no matter what you're getting. Also some of these people need to look into pre ordering lol.
Yeah there's nothing on the planet that would make me want to risk getting trampled unless it's like the apocalypse and there's cure devices that for some reason sell in limited quantities and cost $400 (in other words completely unrealistic)
The amusing part is that none of these amped up gamers were picking up Vitas so they could remote play on their new toys.

This isn't an amusing fact. This makes me sad.


it's 4th of July in my asshole
Oh man, can't wait for the "I got a PS4 and it's dead" complaints from these.

Support: What's wrong with it?

Caller: It got fucking crushed!

This one seems pretty sensible, well as sensible as it can be. What this round a corner bullshit.
Same thing happened with the PS2 in 2000, I was 17 and I did something similar (running to the schelves) to get one for Christmas LOL (it wasn't even launch but a holiday season restock).
Man I am so glad I preordered my console at a local EB games/GameStop in Canada right after E3

My launch experience was...

Wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, go for a jog, do some personal stuff, check GAF, then go out for lunch...
I later get a call from my cousin walking by the store telling me that the line had eased up and at around 2:30 in the afternoon go to my local EB games where the line was now gone... Chat with the clerks get my PS4 and go home

The most relaxing launch ever!

Edit: Also the funny thing is no hardware problems