$299 Xbox Series console will help give Xbox victory next gen. Sony already shook and reacting accordingly.

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One thing about the Xbox series family of consoles is that not only do you have a $500 behemoth of a console which unlike the Xbox one, is actually the strongest console this time around, plus and without Kinect, but you now have a $299 entry-level option giving you advanced 2K graphics at 120fps potentially.

As we all know $299 is that first-step price point that gets the consumers to fly to stores in droves, especially during the holidays. With launch being nearby there's no way Sony can match this price as the parts are set and production is beginning to fester.

While countries with inadequate internet will be using the super powerful X, the $299 S will be a big deal in the rest of the world with decent internet quality or higher. Another big deal is both the Series X and Series X are made cheaper so the price can drop faster. In 2 years, maybe even less if we include holiday deals, the Series S will hit mass adoption price point of $199 and Series X will be $350-$400.

Given that third party games will run better graphically on the Xbox Series X, and the S will run the games equal to PS5 in terms of central processing, though at a cheaper 2K level, both will give the Xbox a major leap over Sony in the market, and without Kinect there aren't any delays so Xbox will put out these two bargain for the price consoles in more than 13 countries at launch this time.

Then you will have unique and new exclusives, and old favorites that are being polished up to add to the victory. In fact, we will see the first games from many of the newly acquired studios.

It is clear that the Xbox One days of mistakes are over and Sony has reverted back toward PS3 levels. Sure, they aren't as bad but they have been moving close and now it's not just regular sales anymore, this generation it's going to be about who you trap in your ecosystem of games, subscriptions, online connection plans, and for Xbox, installment payments, which will also help in the victory.

Sony is scurred and was shook they are trying to find a way to stop Microsoft but it is not possible this late in the game. Their also keeping several of their first and third party partner studios on the PS5 which will greatly hamper PS5 launch year lineup. PS4 launch year lineup was so bad they brought back the no games reference, but got away with it because Xbox One was more expensive, weaker, and only in 13 countries.

Now history repeats.

But this time

The Xbox does not have those flaws.

Sony final hour hour is on the way, as the 11th hour shows the pandoras detective is on the Xbox. And now we shall witness Sony's arrogance cause their PS5 to be destroyed under a killin moon as Xbox marries the 7th guest, and these references will only be understood by like 15 PC fans on this board.

But other than that as I said, the price points and more power for third parties will kill PS5, and Xbox will also likely get some of those old 360 multiplat deals back like COD.

Best Sony can do is $350 entry level PS4 and undercut another 50 for powerful model, but that will give them PS3 level losses which they can't do again even with more buildings sold, they don't have as many departments to cut to save themselves from a price war against MS. Such an attempt would give Microsoft more of the market as Sony would have to cut down shipments due to huge losses just like Gamecube in 2003. In addition an entry-level PS4 would be weaker than Xbox Series S have said craig3nomic process CPU as PS5. Only difference between PS5 and Xbox One S is resolution for graphics and some effects. At $299 that is a steal.

People criticized CD-less unit but as you can see it works well. Even the powerful consoles is bang for your buck, and if either are too expensive, both have payment plans, PS5? No payment plan, which means more poor people can get Xbox gaming consoles this time around much earlier instead of waiting 6 years for $150 price point.

Well played Mr.Spencer and friends, well played.


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Microsoft lacks one thing that makes them lose.

They don't have the PlayStation exclusive games. And even if they had them, they wouldn't be as popular as on PlayStation.
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